Danny Phantom VS American Dragon Jake Long (Nickelodeon VS Disney) | DEATH BATTLE!

Danny Phantom VS American Dragon Jake Long (Nickelodeon VS Disney) | DEATH BATTLE!

Go ghost and dragon up as two mystic teenagers duke it out!

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70 Responses

  1. DarkGamer 364 says:

    So in this fight we saw Danny becoming a dragon and Jake going ghost soon after.

  2. Dré Gamer says:

    To be fair, if it’s a fight to the death, how could the ghost “die?”

    Side note, y’all bringing Wonder Woman back? Cool!!!

    • TKHulk (ToonamiKusagari) says:

      Dré Gamer Also that wasn’t really a suggestion, that actually did happen https://youtu.be/0UABTaB-_i8

    • slashandbones13 says:

      He would have to learn how to use ghost powers but he could get his revenge if he escaped the ghost zone.

    • GamerBlade84 says:

      I mean, Danny has been beaten up to the point where he’s knocked out and reverted back to human form, such as the first time he fought Vlad. So after that, Jake could probably have killed Danny once he reverted back to human. Well, that’s if he even could beat Danny down that hard in ghost form.

    • Morty Smith says:

      Danny is known for being what is technically, half-dead. He has a slower heartbeat and much lower body temp in his ghost form. His low body temp also explains his ice powers in the episode “Urban Jungle”.

    • narutardkyuubi says:

      It’s all quite simple. Ghost are merely dead spirits that have managed to accumulate enough ectoplasm to form a semi-solid body to interact with things.

      So, ghosts have bodies which can be injured and killed; forcing the spirits to either pass on or take more time to recreate a new body. That’s why Johnny needed Jazz’s body for Kitten, during their escape, Kitten’s ectoplasm body was destabilized by the portal closing on her; hence she was a disembodied spirit that couldn’t exist on the human side without a human to possess.

      Presumably, older ghosts have had more time to gather ectoplasm, which is why some of Danny’s early foes (like Box Ghosts and Lunch Lady) are relatively young and not very dangerous compared to ancient Ghosts like Pariah Dark and the Time dude.

  3. KG Motte says:

    Not Arguing the results, but I did notice an Inconsistency: they State that Jake can Lift a 400 Lbs. Giant as his Biggest Feat of Strength…. but like 2 Clips Earlier they’re showing him Hold up a Giant ass Several Ton Stone Pillar….

    • ICTON Anims? says:

      @Daniel Wilson

    • Clock Shock says:

      They didn’t list that as his biggest feat of strength knucklehead

    • Andrew Ace says:

      Embellished . . .

    • KG Motte says:

      First off, No Matter if it sounds like I’m Bitching, I Gods damn Love Deathbattle, it’s FUN to watch and it’s Clear that they do their BEST to make this as good and as accurate as they can. But they’re only Human and they’re under the Microscope by Nerds like us Nitpicking at every Detail, so at this Point I’m sure they’re kinda going “you know what, let’s not Put TOO Much effort into Correcting EVERY little detail, they’ll pick us apart in the comments Regardless, so why bother?”. So they Just Do it as good as they can within a Reasonable Time Delay and make it as entertaining as They can manage for all of us Ungrateful Fantards (yes, I Include myself in that last word). And Frankly I can count on my Fingers how Many of their oversights and such Would have likely Changed the outcome of the Match and usually there’s an understandable reason behind it. SO I Hope they Keep doing this for a WHILE to come, Deathbattle is Probably THE most Entertaining thing on Youtube.

      Plus it’s not like they’re Not open to Listening to us and Revisiting Matchups when they See an opportunity to Have more fun with it. They redid Superman Vs. Goku, adding in Extra powers to one. They Redid Sonic Vs. Mario with the New Content for each, so who’s to say they won’t eventually Get around to Revisiting All the Match-ups that Didn’t QUITE Sit right with too many people? (Personally I’d Like them to redo Zelda Vs. Peach, I’m Still annoyed that Gave peach the Win ENTIRELY because they Claimed that the Internal PSI Capacity of a Soccer ball has ANYTHING to do with the Impact force of Said Ball hitting something after being Kicked! and yes, I Know that Match was one of their Joke Matches that they occasionally do, I’m Still Miffed about that Damn PSI thing…)

      Now, to all of you Screaming “but Jake’s not Lifting it, he’s Just Holding it up”, Dudes, Sure Holding up Massive Rock that’s Bigger than 10 African Elephants Made of Solid stone doesn’t require as Much strength as Lifting it, But Guess what? Holding up a Hundred Tons of Rock is Still a “Smidge” more impressive than Lifting a 400 Lbs. Giant, Even if he was only half as Strong as what was Needed to Lift it, that still leaves him being strong enough to Lift over 50 Tons, Which is Still VERY Impressive…. And it’s Far Greater a Feat of Strength than anything Danny’s ever Done, even with His Ghostly Telekinesis. But again, this would probably not have Changed the outcome, Danny’s Versatility and Long range Capabilities are still More than enough to compensate for fighting a Dragon who’s got More Raw Muscle.

      Oh and to whoever it was that pointed out that Rose was the one that beat the Dark Dragon at the end of Jake Long Series, Yup, she totally Did, which actually Kinda says a lot about how powerful Dragons are in that World that it took a Literal Mystically Empowered Dragon Slayer To Have any Chance at beating the Biggest Baddest Dragon that ever was… I Really wouldn’t Hold it against Jake that he couldn’t beat the “Ultimate form” version of himself alone XD

    • 3ft Ninja says:

      “I did notice an inconsistency”

      First time?.

  4. Team Spectra says:

    Alternate Ending
    Danny Fenton: There back where it belongs
    Jake Long: HEY back to steal something else DRAGON UP
    Danny Fenton: Whoa hold on man I didn’t steal anything I was putting it back I swear
    Jake Long: Oh really? Well okay sorry for the misunderstanding

  5. Seleen Shadowpaw says:

    For all you guys whining how Ice powers beat out fire powers:
    While fire might melt ice, large bodies of ice have such intergalacticly good heat dispersion, with being made from water and having the tendency to directly sublimate instead of thaw under high heat. which takes like magnitudes more energy. Also, heat energy travels upwards and not sidewards, so it’s actually really really hard to make holes into vertical walls just with fire alone.

    And while jakes output is fixed, once danny has put up an ice wall, he can just put up a second one behind or in front of the first one while jake tries to melt through it. If you want video game terms, it’s an instant action versus a channeled one. That never works out well.

    Just try and see how long even your run of the mill icecube needs to melt away when you hold a lighter to it from the side. And, the dispersion properties of ice only grow, while the focus intensity of heat drops when scaling up.

    TLDR: Ice makes for wonderful, if a bit maintance heavy heat shielding.

  6. Egay Atienza says:

    If it wasn’t for the misunderstanding they would’ve been friends and not fight each other.

    PS.:Sometimes the misunderstanding starts the fight.

    • Andrew Ace says:

      There has to be a misunderstanding for most of these fights to take place. Sometimes they’re contrived, sometimes less so. This is one of those acceptable ones. Now they wouldn’t fight to the death, but they would probably fight in this scenario.

      I would really love to see a crossover with these two…

    • Reckless_Fox says:

      Like Captain Marvel vs Shazam. She was legit going to murder a teenage boy

    • Captain Birch says:

      @Reckless_Fox it’s not out of the possibility for Carol to try to murder someone over a tiny misunderstanding

    • Nintendo Nation says:

      If it’s between two heroes than it kinda needs to be a misunderstanding. Obviously a hero and villain makes sense just have the hero see the villain doing villain things and the hero just has to try and stop him (example: Iron Man vs lex Luthor, Black Widow vs Widowmaker, and Lucy Vs Carnage) and usually villains don’t like teaming up with other villains or might have differing motives. (Example: Ganondorf vs Dracula, Ultron vs Sigma, and Thanos vs Darkseid)

    • Son Omni says:

      Raiden and Wolverine honestly would’ve fought each other if they encountered each other like they did in their death battle, in fact what would change the outcome is if someone interrupts their fight

  7. Cod_y890 says:

    Danny: There. Right where it belongs.
    Jake: sTeAliNg aGaIn??

  8. Aridontou says:

    Jake: I defeated the black dragon!}
    Spyro: Get in line, Shorty!

  9. River York says:

    Boomstick: when is it going to be our turn!
    Boomstick uses magic super shouts
    Boomstick every few videos: uses characters ability’s

  10. Aitor ignacio says:

    Danny:there back were belongs
    Jake:I’m Gonna make like I didn’t hear that

  11. Protoss. says:

    Deathbattle analysts: “zodiac sign: Pisces”
    Ah yes. I needed to know that.

    • Corrin Flakes says:

      It’s a morality thing that doesn’t effect killing so it counts. It means he wouldn’t get along with a Sagittarius. *Kappa*

  12. Keenan Johnson says:

    The way Boomstick is rapping is distressing. Edit: all of the rapping was terrible.

  13. Keenan Johnson says:

    Why would Jake use eye if the dragon if he was already a dragon 😂

  14. Notorious K.A.J says:

    Not gonna lie puberty hit Jake hard…

  15. Stiki mator says:

    *atleast Jake Didnt have a cruel death*

  16. Madison Shaw says:

    This just made me realize the missed crossover potential.


    I Was Thinking Of Randy Cunningham Being In The Fight Because I Want To See Three Super Powered Teens Fighting Each Other To Death. Danny Phantom vs Jake Long vs Randy Cunningham.

  18. Seanfrtd says:

    Did I spot a backdoor pilot for a new red vs blue?
    (I am not up to date on red vs blue, could be an old episode for all I know. )

  19. Tsunami1001 says:

    They wouldn’t even fight they’d actually become best friends and they’d have a really badass team up.

  20. Stiffy Clippy says:

    Theme song*
    “He’s a Fanta”🥤

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