Dark Phoenix – Movie Review

Dark Phoenix – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Dark Phoenix, starring James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan, Alexandra Shipp, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Evan Peters, Jessica Chastain. Directed by Simon Kinberg.

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73 Responses

  1. Daniel Ruiz says:

    So…this, instead of being the *Endgame* of Fox X-Men, it’s like the *Thor:Dark World* of Fox X-Men?

  2. TheFikri136 says:

    I usually don’t trust Rotten Tomatoes. But, holy shit.. Only 15%?

    • Micah Fischer says:

      +Gavindalf RT seems biased because it’s a 50/50% rating system. If a professional movie reviewer gives it 3/5 stars then it’s a “positive” on RT, and if a reviewer gives it 2/5 stars it’s a “Negative”. That means 30 reviewers can ALL give it a 3/5 stars which normally would be 60% but on RT it’s a 100% “positive” score. Personally I pay attention to the Audience Score more because that’s usually thousands of reviews vs a small handful of professional reviews. Also if a movie has a niche audience that fans appreciate which a professional reviewer might, not that’s going to make a huge difference.

    • Konstantinos C says:

      +Micah Fischer Not to mention, it seems that the system decides which reviews are positive or negative in a rather arbitrary way. For example, there were reviews in the recent Godzilla movie that rated the movie with a 2.5/5. Some of them were marked as positive while some were marked as negative. It’s not a great system.

    • PowerGlove79 says:

      21% now

    • Chase Guidry says:

      This movie deserves 15% it was clear how bad it was from the trailers

  3. Samuel Robinson says:

    “This was a messy and dull film.”

    I knew that was going to be the case from the trailers.

  4. Faisal says:

    Did I need to come here after watching Jeremy Jahns? No.
    But did I? Yes.

  5. Mike Glasswell says:

    I stopped trying to connect the films ages ago. I just think of the movies like different stories using the same characters. Like different graphic novels, using characters that you know

  6. Vince Castro says:

    Stuckmann- C
    Jahns- Dogshit

    I bet Angry Joe gives it a 8/10

  7. JohnBillings says:

    I noticed you put your X-Men The Last Stand 4k edition on top of your NES for this review.

  8. Joel Harold says:

    If Dark Phoenix were more tonally like Brightburn sounds great

    • Micah Hendrix says:

      Jean gray is really overpowered same with scarlett witch but they keep getting nerfed but they wanna make captain marvel op

  9. TheRanchSauce says:

    It is Eid Mubarak and they released it earlier. Showtimes started from 2pm. Depending on their reactions too

    Same goes for other countries celebrating Eid Mubarak

  10. Czars Salad says:

    I always wonder if Chris and Jeremy Jahns often go out on a date and watch the same movie together.

    • Jesse Carleton says:

      Czars Salad I don’t think they live in the same state but it is funny how often they post reviews within hours or minutes from each other

    • Ronan Kelly says:

      +Jesse Carleton its cos the embargo lifts and every critic is allowed to post their review at that time.

  11. lj5 says:

    You and Jaremy collab!!!!!! For Once upon a time in Hollywood review when it comes out??? Thumbs up for Chris to see this comment!

  12. Dinner Blaster says:

    “I was really looking forward to…”

    Well, shit. It’s not going to be a positive review.

    • Vanlalkim Hangsing says:

      You can automatically figure out from those words that at best, the movie will be a mixed bag, and at worst, a pile of trash.

    • Thedarknate08 says:

      Why was you looking forward to this after seeing those trailers that show you the whole movie!

  13. SilverFoxUchiha says:

    You hit the nail on the head as to why these studios have not been representing Jean Grey and the Phoenix accurately.

    The keep writing her character as a ticking time bomb: a women on the verge…

    Rather than showing the Full Phoenix Force. The Phoenix Aura that surrounds Jean as she flies. The full force of her power (given the fact that the Phoenix can consume worlds). And the fact that Jean Grey as the Phoenix is very vocal as a character… rather than being broody…

    The actors were great given the scripts they were working with.

    • Marques Q. says:

      It’s why this storyline needs 2 dolls imo. Jean didn’t become Dark Phoenix immediately and you’re right, she was vocal and charismatic. Fox has never gotten the female XMEN right. Storm has had few lines and is always meek or fearful until she zaps someone. Rogue, well we know how that turned out. I hope Disney eventually makes XMEN films that follow the comics more closely and allow these characters to really flesh out.

  14. John Smithee says:

    Professor X and Magneto have a more tumultuous relationship than Ross and Rachel

  15. Tyrell Harvey says:

    Jeremy’s reviews are quick and funny while Chris is calm and in detail

  16. Kaiser 123 says:


    Chris: meh, I’ll give it a C

    • – yūgen says:

      kato093 The x men movies aren’t even apart of the mcu lol it’s apart of fox. He’s never really complained much about the actual mcu movies, more so the x men movies. Don’t get me wrong, I like DC more than Marvel, but their movies aren’t as good as the mcu most of the time.

    • Dylan Ciraulo says:

      +mojoofftherobo damn I’d hate to be your friend. It was just one movie you judged him on? Lol savage

    • Dylan Ciraulo says:

      +Kaiser 123 i agree but hopefully not in that order. Logan #1. There is no other X-men movie that has better acting or a better story than Logan. One of the best movies ever made.

    • Johnathy James says:

      +mojoofftherobo to be fair I did enjoy it with alcohol
      But I understand that isn’t a good rating in his system

    • Chase Guidry says:

      mojoofftherobo guardians 2 was bad

  17. Seth Grey says:

    It’s called X-Men Oranges: Wolverine!

    Get the name right, Chris!

  18. Nicholas Houston says:

    I said goodbye to Fox’s X-Men with “Logan” and it was wonderfully bittersweet. Don’t need to reopen those wounds with something this far below par.

    • supastar says:

      Exactly…that was the end of the X-Men for me…I absolutely love the characters but their run at Fox just has to end now…it’s all so bland now and makes no sense either…

    • supastar says:

      +stryfetc1 That genuinely left me so irritated…I had waited for years to actually see Apocalypse on screen…the result was terrible.

    • stryfetc1 says:

      +supastar he looked like shit, and was not very powerful, he should’ve been like the Fox Movie’s Thanos….he’s one of the most powerful mutants in the universe….they disposed of him like yesterday’s leftovers!

    • Sir HighRoller says:

      +stryfetc1 apocalypse wasn’t bad what didn’t you like about it

    • stryfetc1 says:

      +Sir HighRoller the movie itself, made no sense, like all the others before it, but in particular, Apocalypse didn’t look right and was nerfed really badly!

  19. Sapphire Jack says:

    JeremyJahns said “its worse then Wolverine Origins”

  20. Damian Rocławski says:

    I think Last Stand might be actually better Dark Phoenix movie…

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