Dark Secrets of the World’s Most Isolated Island

Dark Secrets of the World’s Most Isolated Island

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This week, I traveled to the most remotely inhabited island on Earth: Pitcairn Island. This island has one of the most unique stories of a founding that I’ve ever heard of and I can’t wait for you to explore it with me in this epic tale shot by the incredible @cory.s.martin

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32 Responses

  1. Yes Theory says:

    Hi friends, I hope you enjoy this wild and incredible story. To address a technical aspect I’m sure a few commenters will point out 🤓🫶 depending on how you measure and which source you find, another island “Tristan Da Cunha” has claimed to be most remote. That’s because it’s 7-day boat ride to the nearest airport instead of the 4-day trip it took me to Pitcairn. But if you measure distance from closest continent, Pitcairn blows them all out of the park. Ultimately, Pitcairn’s unbelievable story is what made me chose to go there, you all know by now that a 7-day boat trip wouldn’t scare me away if the stronger story was on the other island. I hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it 🙏

  2. Concerning Reality says:

    Such a fantastic telling of this story.

  3. Jeff the Saba dude says:

    l loved this travelogue. I’ve studied remote islands through philately (stamp collecting) since I was a kid in Minnesota. Pitcairn, Tristan da Cunha, St Helena, Ascension, and tiny Dutch Saba in the Caribbean were my focus. I have been president of the two study groups focusing on Pitcairn and the three South Atlantic isles through their history and postal service. At 73 now, I moved to Saba a few years ago and host tourists in my 164 year old original cottage to fulfill my dream of living on a remote island. We aren’t as remote as Pitcairn or Tristan, but we do have an unusual claim: our pharmacist is Jacqui Christian…from Pitcairn Island!

    Come to Saba some day, stay with me, and you’ll discover a fascinating history here, almost as good as a mutiny! Certainly our little dot is a drone photographer’s delight for dramatic footage similar to Pitcairn.

    • Richard Rose says:

      So your saying you make it through life being a hooker

    • Ben P says:

      Yes. Allow them to profit off of the story of your country/region. YOU tell that story instead of THEM.

    • Alexoman has ebo la la la la la says:

      Been to saba! Amazing place with amazing people!

    • Ruben says:

      Imteresting story, would love to visit Saba one day

    • stephanieciceri says:

      so jeff, how can a gal like me get an experience on your island? your story is absolutely fascinating, and as someone who chooses living to experience over working to live, I would love to connect. It’s a far reach, but I am happy to share my skills and my self in any way that allows me to immerse into your culture! Thank you for sharing your story 🙂

  4. Nate420 says:

    Beautiful video, thanks for documenting and sharing as usual!

    • Text me on Telegram 👉 yestheo 👈 says:

      ☝️☝️Hey☝️☝️Congratulation you have been selected among my shortlisted winner’s🎉🎉🎉🎉👆.

  5. A Nobody says:

    These stories make such a difference for so many people!
    Thank you, Yes Theory for seeking out these incredible stories!

    Always buzzing when you guys share a new adventure!!

  6. Cat Pursel says:

    Those drone whale shots! Holy cow! I’ve never thanked a corporation before but thanks Shopify for funding these guys!
    They help those that aren’t able to travel. But we get to see things through their eyes! Boys! You are exceptional story tellers! Thank-you! Thank-you! Love these amazing adventures!

    • Rocky Schartner says:

      @S G 🤓

    • S G says:

      It’s a nice sentiment but those drone shots weren’t anything unique and is kind of a visual gimmick in regards to filmmaking. Yes theory are great filmmakers dont get me wrong. But any other aspect would make more sense to mention. Just a thought

  7. Olly says:

    When I tell you my Jaw DROPPED when you pulled out that fish 🐠 absolutely incredible

  8. Alex Ximtra says:

    this is insane, even though this video makes me want to go there chances are I most likely never will, but it feels like I explored the whole island with you guys, especially because some shots show the massiveness of the place. Thanks for this, really loved it!

    • Text me on Telegram👉@Yes_Theory says:

      🆙Thanks for watching 🔝🔝 message right away I have something for you 🆙🆙🆙

  9. Julian Bertsch says:

    I’m amazed by how much infrastructure they have for the fact that it’s such a small island, I mean that grocery store is huge and the fact that they have their own police station hahahah amazing story as always <3

    • LAT says:

      @zumaan Andrade cus they had there own and that hid the huge pedophile ring that was the entire island

    • zumaan Andrade says:

      @LAT Why

    • S G says:

      It’s not that amazing, they have only just barely enough to get it all working. If there was less infrastructure they wouldnt be there at all.

    • LAT says:

      Because they all know each other they need to import people from the UK as the police

    • Darren M says:

      It’s kinda important to have a police station and jail when it was discovered in 2004 that 1/3 of your residents including the Mayor had been regularly raping the islands children under the threat of the guns they had. Check wikipedia for the details and links. No idea why this was never mentioned in the video. The main lady in the video Olive defended their actions calling the rapes a “tradition”.

  10. GIRL IN PARADISE says:

    *Thank you, I love your videos! Good job!*

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