Darling Nicki (Minaj)

Darling Nicki (Minaj)

Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj behind the scenes at TIDAL X: 1020.
Watch “Feeling Myself” Live exclusively on TIDAL. tidal.com/video/51618826

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20 Responses

  1. Krys Rock says:

    I’m still replaying it <3

  2. Akshita Mohite says:


  3. Majken Levahn says:

    But her booty look bigger in the magazines hahaha

  4. Rose Castillo says:

    love it!!!

  5. Rodney And Rawman says:

    i got no idea what tidal is

  6. To Joao says:

    me too

  7. Onyka Jallim says:

    If beyonce choose nicki as her bestiee nicki lucky they friendship looks
    real :)

  8. Abilio Campos says:

    Sorry B but i don’t like the songs you did with Nicki at all.I prefer that
    you do a song with the real queen Mariah Carey, even that she not on top of
    the game right now.

  9. Дядюшка Ленин says:

    i’m dead

  10. dawooddriving centre says:


  11. Nettie Jeter says:

    How could anybody dislike this its so cute!!!!

  12. TeanoZ says:

    Bey gurl, I’m not gonna lie, you look FAB in that blazer!

  13. natedog18highschool says:

    Beyonce little giggle at the end is so cute lol

  14. ingrid braga says:

    Best Friendshipp ?

  15. DEC LLC says:

    Bruh iz day smashin uh wut??.. Got Yonce sanging bout ha & errthang don’t

  16. sorebumblebee2 says:

    shes not tye rap queen! she makes up words and all she says is
    niger,fuck,pussy,and dick in all her music.shes not even at the rap level
    like 50 cent,m&m , and tupac

  17. TheAbbi Playzz says:

    i broke the replay button…

  18. LaQueesha Williams says:

    0:15 luuk at dat ass

  19. Taylor Momsen says:

    So cuteeeeeeee

  20. Alexis Daniels says:

    Her version on darling Nikki!!!!! Prince is the issssshhhh