Darth Santa

Darth Santa

The holidays have never known the power of the dark side… until now.

Making Darth Santa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFYp7EuFhlU

Music by Casey Edwards

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20 Responses

  1. MinimumSix says:


    Those are some of the worst lightning effects I’ve ever seen from you guys.

  2. steeledminer616 says:

    Darth Santa finds your lack of good cookies disturbing.

  3. Nate Baluyut says:

    Did anyone else pretend to get force choked at the end?… Or was it just

  4. Prasamaccus says:

    BULLSHIT! Darth Vader’s main weakness has been shown to be force lightning
    due to his limb damage and reliance on mechanical life support. He is also
    completely unable to manifest force lightning due to that extremity damage.

  5. Big Show says:

    At the end he sounds more like Lord Helmet from SpaceBalls lol

  6. u2canbfmj says:

    was the angry chad vader? and yes I did sub

  7. jake XRgaming says:

    It’s beautiful

  8. Troy Gretlein says:

    Video of the year 5/7

  9. TheBbapache says:

    He can’t use lightning ?

  10. Mason B says:

    Whoever disliked this video must have thought it meant , dis-I -like.

  11. Matthew Burgnon says:

    Did you actually crush the boosted board? :O

  12. MobsWithJobs says:

    The jar jar bit was so hilarious!

  13. HTW pictures says:

    Ya dawgs r prty gd w da fx. Nice work!

  14. Dru Castellon says:

    lol he just straight up “Fuck off kid”

  15. Natural Enemy says:

    fucking beautiful

  16. TheDahaka1 says:

    I would have loved it more if he cut off the kid’s hand XD

  17. krogaan says:

    this is better the the fuck movie god dam remakes of episode 4

  18. Toby Tomkinson says:

    When he launched the kid, all I was thinking was “Lol” and “Hey, I have a
    Tivo too!”

  19. Bri I says:

    They should’ve had the hoverboard catch fire and had Darth run around in a
    panic trying to extinguish his cape.

  20. leafygreentree says:

    This is probably one of the stupidest most selfish self-centered videos you
    guys have ever done. It makes absolutely no sense and shows nothing but
    hatred and ignorance. I know it’s a joke but I don’t get it. It’s not