Dashcam BMW crash

Dashcam BMW crash

Dash Cam Video (front and rear cameras) showing a BMW in a hurry to get somewhere and trying to pass where there’s no room to pass.

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20 Responses

  1. sullyFL says:

    Did you get a ticket for running the red…looks like this guy was mad you
    weren’t trying to give him a chance to make the light, which is kind of
    dickish of you.

  2. gunn3r says:

    poor fag mad that he cant get a bmw

  3. Factor says:

    Ok, so the BMW driver is clearly a terrible person. But we can also see two
    instances of bad driving here from the cammer. Letting that school bus into
    the intersection from a stop sign and failing to stop or even slow down for
    a changing light. It is hard to tell but it almost looks like the cammer
    speeds up through the yellow light. Was the dashcam driver paying too much
    attention to the BMW driver?? I don’t think you can say that the dashcam
    driver did not contribute to this accident.

  4. 32thoth says:

    LMAO, BMW driver goes into full gear blaming everyone else for his lame

  5. Sprocket Bofinger says:

    nice fat chemtrails near the end

  6. laxjoh says:

    That BMW driver is a fucking moron. People who argue that letting people go
    while you have the right of way is dangerous; use your fucking head and use
    context you dumbasses. How is letting anyone go in that scenario dangerous?
    Yeah only if the fucking retard driving the BMW acts like that initially.
    This is how road rage manifests. As someone who had bad road rage, this
    shit is not acceptable and makes perfectly rational and good people even
    act like absolute shitheads who deserves worse than a mere car damage.
    Dashcam guy shouldn’t have done that but he did and BMW driver couldn’t act
    like a rational adult and would rather act like a bumbling idiot. And got
    into an accident.

    He has no one to blame but himself and you guys defending BMW driver are
    probably just the same entitled retarded fucks who shouldn’t have been
    given a license to begin with. Seriously cars kill more people a year than
    gun violence and people want guns banned but retards like this are allowed
    to drive because “freedom?” IT isn’t a fucking joke when people say driving
    is a privilege because you put yourself and more importantly OTHERS at

  7. TheToekutter says:

    I’m sure the BMWtard blamed everyone else… Dashcam guy broke no laws.
    BMWtard broke many.

  8. MoonLump says:

    Dash cam driver clearly accelerates at the light and pushes out right to
    make the bmw go further out right and crash therefore it is the cammers

  9. Alonzo Stanway says:

    it’s fine. his insurance will cover him to get another shitty bmw

  10. Tom Haley says:

    This idiot driver who shot the video literally accelerated and turned him
    off the road to almost make it impossible to get around him. Granted the
    other driver was in the wrong, but this douche bag shooting the video with
    a dashcam acted equally as retarded and should be liable. Kind of an oxy
    moron for releasing the video as well when it was his fault he couldn’t get
    back in the lane.

  11. Golan Klinger says:

    On a positive note, that’s the first time I’ve seen an able-bodied BMW
    driver park in a non-handicapped spot.

  12. charls seal says:

    I laughed so hard. When the BMW drive got out, boy did he feel stupid he
    couldn’t even scream! Haha serves him right.

  13. Steven Caicedo-Suarez says:

    the law states that you can not change lanes or overtake within an
    intersection. The BMW violated both of those laws, causing the crash.

  14. Tecnologia Brasil says:

    FUCK YOU, T M26. You sped up on purpose! Why the fuck would you do that?
    You caused the guy to crash! Are you feeling great now, you cunt? You
    could’ve let him pass but instead you chose to cause an accident. He
    would’ve made it just fine if you had allowed him to pass, but no, you had
    to act like a douche and block him, WHY!? W-H-Y? Do you realise you
    fucktard, that you have placed the people in that bus in danger? Do you
    realise that you placed YOUR FUCKING SELF in danger? Do you see how that
    car almost turned upside down? Without wheels on the road there’s no way to
    control it you fucking retard! It could’ve easily turned over you and
    killed you. Fucking idiot… You think you’re great for letting the bus go
    buy you are clearly stupid. When you’re on the road, you don’t try to be
    nice, you have to be predictable, if you have the right of way then you
    fucking go, instead of annoying people who are behind driving like a normal
    predictable person who’s trying to get somewhere. It’s dicks like you who
    cause accidents, holding everyone behind you, you selfish prick, you think
    you’re great because you let one bus go meanwhile you held the entire queue
    behind you. I bet what happened is that you were driving slowly all the
    way, and that BMW driver got fed up of your selfish retardedness and
    decided that he had enough. I find people like you on the road every day,
    and sure, I want to overtake them as soon as I can, because honestly,
    people like you don’t understand that the road doesn’t belong only to you.
    Douchebags driving at 15 mph on 30 mph zones, for no apparent reason except
    they don’t give a shit. I find idiots driving on the right lane (for
    overtaking) at the same speed as people driving on the left lane (I live in
    England where we drive on the left). These pricks are holding up people who
    are trying to pass… WHY? If you want to go slowly, stay in the fucking
    left lane (or the right lane if you drive on the right) and let people who
    want to go, go. You’re a disgrace.

  15. Something Seems Off says:

    *yoooo hold up why the dashcam driver turn so wide… not even the school
    bus got that wide* BMW driver was in the wrong for sure, but the dashcam
    driver made that way more dangerous.

  16. Deffinnition says:

    It looks like the car filming suddenly speeds up when realize the bmw is
    going to pass him… really sketchy isn’t it? Looks like on purpose

  17. Nathaniel Stamper says:

    Hurray for Genesis in the background.

  18. MudButtz95 says:

    this is all the BMW drivers fault. If he didnt have road rage over waiting
    5 extra seconds then he wouldve been fine.

  19. Amazing Orbit Lightshows! says:

    You ran him into the divider. Albeit he shouldn’t have been passing
    aggressively, you are not some fucking saint of the road who happened to
    record a guy road raging. You accelerated your car and veered towards his
    car. You ran him into that divider when you were the dipshit trying to set
    the precedent of “letting people in front of you.” Your intentions are
    evident by your acceleration as he overtook you and your little laugh when
    he crashed.

  20. Vince Hanzo says:

    If I were in the BMW driver’s shoes, and were in a rush or just having a
    shitty day, I would be frustrated at the fact the the dashcam driver let
    the school bus go when he had no reason to.
    Then I would be absolutely outraged at the fact that the dashcam driver was
    going to make it through the yellow light at 0:23, when I, the BMW driver,
    was going to be stopped at the red all because of the dashcam driver’s
    unnecessary generocity.

    BUT, that does NOT justify recklessly trying to cut off the dashcam driver
    while going full speed through a yellow light and not even being in a
    proper lane. The dashcam driver did nothing legally wrong; he just made an
    overly-kind, unnecessary decision. But the BMW driver did SEVERAL dangerous
    and illegal decisions.
    The BMW driver is CLEARLY at fault.