i’ve been dating again. pls pray4me

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20 Responses

  1. 15Lanzo15 says:

    If my gf wants a baby from me then YES, SHE IS OBLIGATED TO HAVE SEX WITH

  2. armita a says:

    HAHA your collage of Justin Trudeau XD <3

  3. ravenlorans says:

    EVERY Dating Site I tried Wants you to Pay to get Any Info about you
    Matches. Then, All my Matches are the Exact Opposite of what I am Looking
    for. I keep ending up with woman calling themselves, “BBW”. In their minds
    it means “Big Beautiful Woman”. I see a Bloated Blubbery Whale that’s
    Unattractive, Bad Skin, Bad Hair, Older than Dirt, X number of Kids ,
    Smokers, Drinkers, Blacks and a few dudes.

    I fill out my search to look for White/Caucasian, FEMALE, 18-30,
    Slim/Fit/Few Extra pounds, No less than a 7 Attractiveness,
    Nonsmokers/Drinkers, No kids (but willing to adopt), Employed and the usual
    stuff but what I get 90% of the time is a

    50plus yr old Black, 290lb, smoker who drinks, looks like she hit every
    branch on the way down face first, who’s had 8 kids and the youngest is 10,
    who’s looking for a Daddy for her child OR I get some Gay Dude. Both
    Showing me Pictures of their Junk. The White Ladies are No Better but don’t
    show me pictures.

    I was told I keep getting them as results because I Meet Every Requirement
    they have selected for a match.

    I’m Not Shallow or Vain. I am Not looking for Perfection either. But I am
    Looking for someone I can be attracted to and Know what I like and should
    not have to settle for less. Others don’t but I keep getting told I need

  4. Annemarie Clarke says:

    I met my boyfriend off Okcupid (we went to the same college, though) and
    we’ve been happily dating for two years now. 🙂 I never would have run into
    him without Okcupid so I’m very happy with my decision to use dating apps!

  5. mack0rz says:


  6. razzlefrog says:

    2:11 the gospel

  7. Alexis Morse says:

    You should mention Her for queer women. It’s gotten much bigger in Los
    Angeles at least 

  8. Clariguard says:

    fetlife isn’t supposed to really be a dating app….it’s supposed to be
    mroe like a kinky facebook

  9. Thomas Degroat says:

    Grindr has been around since 2009. I remember hearing about it when I was
    14. It’s not really one of the “new” dating apps.

  10. GWYNZILLAAA says:

    Shoutout to Justin Trudeau ?????

  11. BacksteinEntertain says:

    I met more people thruuuuu

    YouTube comments.

  12. goddelusion100 says:

    feminist cunt

  13. Galen Thurber says:


  14. antony gamboa says:

    Wait, and your bae?.

  15. BradSk88 says:

    IMO you should have entitled this video “DATING IPHONE APPS” because
    there’s (unfortunately) a ton of difference between the two ecosystems.
    This video is essentially useless to an Androider with the exception of the
    web based services.

  16. nortnort says:

    Just throwing this out here. Plenty of Fish is very prejudice against
    transgender people. They will delete accounts with no warning or no message
    if you say anywhere you’re transgender on it. This has actually been
    happening for years.

  17. HotVinesTV says:

    fuck u

  18. Venturist Church says:

    On top of that, Laci, your fellow Persian-American countryman, Roosh
    Valizadeh, has gotten sick of his pickup lifestyle and he now writes in
    favor of traditional roles for men and women, religion and marriage. He
    sounds almost like St. Augustine after his religious conversion. Take heed
    of Roosh’s example, young but rapidly aging lady: Being airheaded,
    emotionally immature and promiscuous is no way to go through life.

  19. Revolationification says:

    This might be a bit personal but I’m curious as to your experience on
    dating apps as a pansexual? Do you get a lot of people who act weird about
    it? Maybe it’s just me although you’re the only person I know besides
    myself who identifies that way and you live across an ocean to me haha

  20. AOMalley05 says:

    I’m excited for this series!