Dating Talk in the U.K. – Anglophenia Ep 34

Dating Talk in the U.K. – Anglophenia Ep 34

Are you fluent in the language of love? Kate Arnell teaches you how to speak it the British way.

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20 Responses

  1. Mr Barrakkudda says:

    That’s cool! I love it! It so different… in a good way, of course!

  2. Neil Taylor says:

    Fancy a shag..

  3. sandra elam says:

    You should do a video on British nursery rhymes that are popular for kids. 

  4. Enigma w says:

    listening to brits talking turns me off

  5. Windows 8 is great says:

    British people don’t do anything the right way, They don’t know how to
    speak real English. They also drive on the wrong side of the road. there is
    a reason the right side is the right side.

  6. Nav Miet says:

    Le français est toujours la langue la plus romantique ! (… just sayin’ !)

  7. Mastodon Jack says:

    I just Love Love Love yer channel. Wish videos came out more often. Enjoy
    learning more about british english (wich i genuinely adore). Thank ye so

  8. Jesus Martinez says:

    Now we snog ? lol

  9. faithdaily1959 says:

    I guess I watch a lot of Brit TV because I use a lot of these words.

  10. Ashleigh Maree Kohler says:

    Shagadelic ?

  11. Dusty Rusty says:

    I think I am in love!

  12. aprilblenk says:

    At 1:30 (Fancy) actually, people in Australia say that too. Probably not as
    much as the English or other parts of Britain but we do say it.

  13. aprilblenk says:

    Do people say “root” in the UK?

  14. ray haan says:

    That accent :D

  15. unkknown89 says:

    I am going to use these words on this gal. Its her fault if they don’t work

  16. Kieran Collins says:

    How about “hey Kate, suck my dick”