Daughters Control Their Dad’s Lives for 24 hours!

Daughters Control Their Dad’s Lives for 24 hours!

Payton and Salish team up to torture their fathers for 24 hours. Also check out the Jordan Matter channel.

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26 Responses

  1. ROCK SQUAD says:

    Salish and Payton are the best and this is hilarious!! 💖🤣 ps: Jordan & Njnja Dad you are both amazing dads and great sports!! 🤣

  2. Jordan Matter says:

    This was awesome!

  3. Lilly Bancroft says:

    I love Salish’s outfit it is so cute

  4. Glitter Queen♥️🐼 says:

    This entire video was EPIC!

  5. Amelia's World says:

    I wish I could be friends with Salish ❤️💕

  6. Deborah Morrison says:

    Love Salish and Payton together! So cute! ☺️

  7. Monika Singh says:

    This is hilarious 😂

  8. Ema says:

    This was awesome 😆 🤣 😂 the girls are adorable and the dad’s are amazing sports!

  9. Selena Guyadeen says:

    This was the best video this was a very fun clab its so funny how salish always controls her dad even if it’s not a challenge 🤣🤣

  10. Bryndis Jorundardottir says:

    Payton and Salish are so funny! 🤣I loved this video! Thank you!

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