Dave Chappelle Netflix Standup Comedy Special Trailer | Sticks & Stones

Dave Chappelle Netflix Standup Comedy Special Trailer | Sticks & Stones

Legendary comedian Dave Chappelle is back with an all-new stand-up comedy special, Sticks & Stones, his fifth Netflix Original.

Unflinching and boundary-pushing, Dave gives his provocative perspective on the tidal wave of celebrity scandals, the opioid crisis, and more — in trademarked Chappelle fashion. Dave Chappelle’s Sticks & Stones streams August 26, only on Netflix.

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68 Responses

  1. Phillip Carter says:

    Dolemite, Possibly an Eddie Murphy Special, Now this….. Damn!!! Netflix ain’t playing!!! I will be watching

  2. Jan Slovioček says:

    I’m so pumped about this! Netflix should have given the 300 million dollars to Dave to make 1 standup a year instead of those two Game of Thrones dummies.

  3. Chike Mike says:

    I like Dave and all but his stylist needs to be fired

    • Scott V says:

      Dave Chappelle died. Is this his twin?

    • Ben Lee says:

      @Scott V Of course this guy is a clone. The real David Chappelle is dead. Dont sound like him , dont look like him , not funny like him. Watch the trolls attack me for saying that ?

    • Bry Renee says:

      A fucking sap

    • Sacleaners says:

      Chike Mike
      Leave him alone!!!
      Let him breathe in his comfies???z

      I am female and I need that t shirt as my night/sleeping dress!

      Bed, take me home????

    • Covfefe Hamberder says:

      lol Stylist? He’s not gay and he’s not a chick. He doesn’t have a fucking stylist. He wears whatever the fuck he wants because no real fan, or real man, gives a flying fuck. Like what kind of pansy watches this and thinks “Like O…M…G…he needs to fire his stylisssst girlfriend”. lol Get outta here with that bitch shit.

  4. Chris says:

    That long tshirt ain’t working for you, Dave.

  5. corycrews2010 says:

    Buff clone. Raid area 51, and find the real Dave! They can’t stop all of us! ?

    • Mike Emerick says:

      @HeroC14 hopefully anti-fascist action will. It’s about time they mess ? with the right people. ?☠️

    • dr-nocka. says:

      I ain’t fucking with them people. They gone unleash some shit on your ass. You better watch the mist.

    • Ultra Gamer says:

      Jamaal Curry I’m down too but I’m stuck in the Mariana Trench

    • Covfefe Hamberder says:

      Someone put up an event joking around called “Storm Area 51” and I think over a million people replied that they were “going”. It blew up when it was just a joke. Hence the meme.

  6. Tre Siete says:

    perfect timing!! . I just re-watched his two specials thinking to myself “when is the next one dropping!!”???

  7. Haider Hasan says:

    I been waiting for new Dave for so long ??????

  8. xdami4nx says:

    *Did Chappelle seem more buff or is it just me? Also…*
    *F**k Yeah!!!*

    • Jordan Peoples says:

      He actually is less buff now but ye he’s swole. Little known fact but he actually was getting swol towards the end of shappelle show but they liked him skinny so they kept putting him and jackets and long sleeves and shit

    • Sacleaners says:

      He’s been buff since he went away and came back!!! Buff about 10 years now.

      I like skinny Dave better…as in looks.

      I like his funny no matter the size.

    • smashin says:

      He is yoked. He was lifting weights and converting to Islam.

    • kingcam0775 says:

      He’s been buff as hell for over 10 years now.

    • Dirg Ramsey says:

      It’s that teen girl dress he’s wearing

  9. Dante xx86 says:

    I thought this was Independence Day 3 lol

    “Welcome to earth” lol

  10. Psych Ftw says:

    I was just thinking today when is next daves special . You are the GOAT !

  11. Wodchly says:

    My boy Dave wearing a summer dress ?? looking forward to the stand up though

  12. Corey Roberson says:

    I literally just watched the all his other Netflix special’s again this weekend, that’s crazy and now this. Can’t wait to see it ??

  13. Chris Jarman says:

    For all the O.G’s out there . . .

    Sugar. Water. Purple.

    Still cracks me up

  14. Ethan Domingo says:

    I love Dave Chappelle

    but why is he skipping leg-day

    • IAMSAM says:

      Cause if you chop the legs that’s an illegal tackle

    • stjfv01 says:

      Bruhhh you can tell you don’t workout ?? his genes aren’t going to generate massive leg mass naturally even if he does legs. Aka he can do legs and get tone even a slightly bigger quad but there going to look similar in complete size as it did before.

    • JULIAN SMITH says:

      I say him in person in his hometown…and he def doesn’t but this man insists on wearin tight ass pants w an oversized shirt. .??‍♂️?

    • LochVids says:

      His hips are smallandcthe shirt doesnt help

    • Sacleaners says:

      Ethan Domingo
      He wears what feel good to him??.

      I tried to get thick..believe..my weight said, bitch, you don’t control where i go????.

      Man…let Dave breathe! I rather the skinny pants vs them baggy shit around the ankle!

  15. Lloyd Porter says:

    They finally put Dave in a skirt ….

  16. Riri Airi says:

    Dave serving up some serious sass with that tunic and tights getup ??‍♀️

  17. Michael Bell says:

    “You say anything, you risk everything.”

    Some true shit right here.

    • Serial Killer says:

      @Greenkidd Thanks to the Democrats…SJW People…messed up everything..

    • Greenkidd says:

      @Emilio Vanilla doubt it. It probably means he will voice honest opinions in white people and that’ll be seen as edgy. The left media has always been ok with minority comedians bashing white people especially southern whites. That’s always been generally accepted
      you wont see him make fun of transgenders, gays or women anymore like he used to.

    • False Facade says:

      But nonetheless, he still does lol

    • Mike Kelly says:

      @Emilio Vanilla that’s what makes Dave a god, not just in the eyes of the average person but also in the eyes of other comedians. In this age of Twitter witch hunts where entire careers are destroyed by what used to be the standard “no holds barred comedy”, Dave is a fucking master at dodging those laser beams. He’s untouchable, and he’s able to deliver the most sensitive of jokes masterfully. The fact that he’s now doing his FIFTH special since returning to comedy in the most tumultuous of times for comics to thrive is a god damned testament to his god tier quality.

    • Me, a black racist says:

      I hope he rips on Black Panther winning an Oscar. And his t rated higher than The Dark Knight??

  18. the Voun says:

    That shirt be a little too long son -Darnell Rawlings

  19. Gene Hindman says:

    “What if I told you there’s worse things in Hollywood than Harvey Weinstein?” ~ The GOAT.

    • Me, a black racist says:

      Michael thank you for coming. The public has been asking questions michael. I don’t know to say this. All I know is to be frank, so let me be frank with you. Michael were gonna need you to jerk off another kid, I’m sorry Mike. I am sorry?

    • lazorbeak says:

      “GOAT” indeed

  20. BiG Al says:



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