Dave Chappelle On Bill Cosby, Charlie Murphy, Being Non-Apologetic & Much More

Dave Chappelle On Bill Cosby, Charlie Murphy, Being Non-Apologetic & Much More

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20 Responses

  1. Sammy says:

    “It’s going to take every muscle in my body to not stick my dick in your pie.”
    ~ Dave Chappelle

  2. khulk1911 says:

    Damn, they were so disrespectful to Donnell. It was like he wasn’t even there…and then when he DID have the courage to say something he got dissed HARD. Dang, dude didn’t even make the title! lol

  3. Sunny Rothmiller says:

    Do you notice how Black entertainer’s and athlete’s money are always put on blast. Why do we have to know Netflix gave Dave $60M!!!! Get off that Angela.

  4. mansa musa says:

    who tf wanna hear from jarule at a time like this i dont wanna dance im scared to death

  5. thejxkelly says:

    I dont like how they are treating Donnell Rawlings.. It’s okay for 5 mins, but the entire time… too far… They didnt even mention him in the title of the video

  6. mister jones says:

    I’d lick Angela’s ass

  7. Bomaye Shakur says:

    Rest in peace Dave chapel someone tell that clone take them shades off and let’s see them eyes ?????


    Angela Yee cant crack on Donnell. It’s 2017 and you still see the back of here head on the show. Can we get a face shot?

  9. Jxy0161 says:

    Y’all have to stop being so sensitive.
    Donnell Rawlings is a friend of the show, they all dog eachother out all the time.
    There is no malice behind it, they all know they’re just playing, it’s never that serious. Relax.

  10. Dank KIDD says:

    Everybody getting butt hurt cus they clowning donell. They all cool with each other, y’all acting like y’all never clowned yo friends I bag on my friends all the time lol

  11. kingjappyjoe420 says:


  12. Solowonluck says:

    Why does Dave sound like a healthy Lil Wayne?

  13. Mariana Lewis says:

    Omg Angela, STFU!! No one gives a shit about your story. The Legend that is Dave Chappelle is in the studio and she finds a way, like always to make it about her. We don’t care bih! ???

  14. Darrien Johnson says:

    Breakfast acting too famous lol sit down be humble

  15. charlita25 says:

    We all do not smoke weed guys.

  16. GantzIsSloppy says:

    Dave Chappelle has the posture of a Turtle

  17. styner3 says:

    I saw Donnell Rawlings open up for Dave in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago and he was hilarious. I think he’s very underrated.

  18. Michael Bowers says:

    Dave so humble it’s cool to see you don’t have to be a jerk.

  19. Hub City 310 says:


  20. LJ 10 says:

    Out of all the illuminati clones Dave Chappelle is probably my favorite

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