Dave Chappelle’s Son Meets Kevin Hart | Netflix Is A Joke

Dave Chappelle’s Son Meets Kevin Hart | Netflix Is A Joke

Dave Chappelle took his son backstage to meet Kevin Hart and Kevin gave them a gift for whenever Dave is upset.

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81 Responses

  1. Snips 0o0 says:

    Kevin’s funny but Dave Chappell actually made me laugh loud asf?

  2. Ricky Taylor says:

    No one is even close to Dave. The best by far followed by bill burr

  3. Cornelius White says:

    My mission in life, “STFU Money.” ?

    • Diego M. Rodriguez says:

      Protip Mr Conelius: STFU is actually $0,00.

    • Binary Sunset Chaser says:

      Money isn’t everything dude….

      Deal with it

    • Mind Yours says:

      Then you get hit with that MeToo and all your shyt gone. Woman scheming like, ” Oh he told me to stfu huh. Well okay. I got you. RAAAAAAAAAPPPPPEEEEEEEEE. He tried to RAPE me. Please Listen and Believe”. Your ass out of a job and career; while she looking at you like, “Bet you wish you didn’t tell me to STFU now dont you.” Lol

      Its a new age. They know what they can get away with lol

    • Cornelius White says:

      After much review, perhaps it’s just best to have” IDGAF Money!” ???

    • Binary Sunset Chaser says:

      Cornelius White – yeah, nah

  4. Timothy Brown says:

    “I was furious.”

    So subtle, but so good.

  5. Uhop says:

    the only reason Dave Is better than Kevin Hart is because he’s way way more honest and don’t gaf than kevin does ?

  6. UrAverageWoe says:

    Anyone who grew up watching ‘Chappelle show’ knows who the real GOAT is.

  7. Carlito Nati says:

    “Dave is the best comedian of our generation.”

    -Jussie Smollet ??

  8. Eugene T says:

    “Dad, Kevin Hart is hilarious”
    “Man, f**k you, son”

  9. Bwètafia Allday says:

    I got “I act like I’m interested in what she got to say” money!!

    • Mr Guy says:

      @Made InAmerica looks like i STRUCK a nerve with your little Magahat Ego

    • Mr Guy says:

      @Made InAmerica “alternate universe” The one in which Trump supporters think Jesus personally spoke to them… the one in which an oncoming recession is fake news and that 6 bankruptcies Con artist makes a good business man and president. Fucking moron.

    • Damian Grouse says:

      Bwètafia Allday I’ve got: I have to take out a pay day loan and have to pay it back before I tell myself “shut the fuck up” money.

    • Made InAmerica says:

      Mr Guy Triggered? 3 responses to my 1. Look who’s triggered moron. Loved Dave’s take on the French actor, Juicy Smolyay, whom I’m sure you worship. Enjoy your intolerance too.

    • Jonathan Murray says:


  10. Rune K. Svendsen says:

    2:36 Chappelle’s son sounds like Chappelle’s white person impersonation ?

  11. Pearl Jade says:

    “Dave is the best COMEDIAN who’s alive right now, hands down.”

    – Kevin Hart

  12. Bobbi Bobbi says:

    Kat Williams and Dave Chappelle are ABSOLUTELY natural comedians. Love them BOTH. I WISH Kat could STAY focused and get BACK tp comedy.

  13. Mikel Cividanes Bertini says:

    Dave stop.lying you are so much better than Kevin…

  14. T Kop says:

    You see how comfortable he is on stage, i can feel it

  15. Malone Mantooth says:

    “Actually Mr Hart…..we haven’t eaten in several hours” Lol

  16. Mr Gold says:

    “If you get mad at your dad, put that on” lmao

  17. Aridon says:

    They act like two legends cannot co exist … stop comparing them! Let them both be greats damn

  18. matthew kühl says:

    You’re funnier than Kevin Hart, Dave ?

  19. Tom Scientific says:

    Atleast Dave Chapelle dont hate on Kevin Hart like other comedians..probably because he is very successful, and other comedians need a scapegoat

  20. DMS says:

    The worst part about this bit is everyone knows Kevin Hart ain’t even close to being as funny as Dave Chappelle.

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