Dave East Interview With The Breakfast Club (9-29-16)

Dave East Interview With The Breakfast Club (9-29-16)

Dave East discusses debut album “Kairi Chanel”, signing to Def Jam, working with Nas, diss records not being as good as they used to be and much more with The Breakfast Club.

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20 Responses

  1. iLLest Tv says:

    Dave East x Joey Badass Collab bruh. Only 2 New York niggas holding us down
    g ?? an we could put mini Future on the hook to make it a banger

  2. John Berry says:

    Nigga G herbo bodied you in that freestyle, don’t be ridiculous

  3. Live Jones says:

    Angela want to give him that cougar coochie.

  4. Corey Banks says:

    Angela yee ALWAYS cares if the male guest is in a relationship like mind ur

  5. CHICOIZPAIN says:


  6. Duval County 904 says:

    Free Kodak ???

  7. Nick Candy says:

    we don’t need another Schoolboy Q

  8. Chris Lang says:

    Dave East the next one. If he impressed Nas then he it. I’m def copping the
    album and I never buy new niggas shit. He nice tho.

  9. MAR2264419 says:

    juelz Santana is Dominican and black

  10. Drari says:

    tell homie to clear his throat, all that phlegm sittin’ in there

  11. Cory Smith says:

    This nigga looks like DeSean Jackson

  12. Dari Bluestar says:

    S/O 2 all the Muslims sippin’ Henny.

  13. dlikescheese says:

    If you’re going to have Dave East, when do we get an interview with Lil

  14. Nye Money says:

    Envy always screaming what’s in everybody pocket or sayin some irrelevant
    statement about money #ClownShit

  15. TIDE says:

    Angela desert thirsty ching chong ass was super hype to toast with Dave
    damn let that nigga dick breathe shit all down her throat giggling and shit

  16. Fairfax Flashin says:

    Im 17, and i proudly push this dudes music to anyone.

  17. Rip Speakerknockerz says:

    this man hated angela yee the whole rest of the interview after she said i
    thought u would be nicer at basketball lol

  18. kalilkash973 says:

    “I’m 28, I’ll be 29 my next birthday” lol. Dave is that dude though. Dope
    NY rapper

  19. JR Channel Breaking News Updates. says:

    Giants fan uh ? you got a Dallas Cowboys jersey on dude wtf.

  20. obiwashere says:

    y’all need to chill. some people have late birthdays, so maybe he wanted to
    make that clear