Dave Grohl breaks leg Gothenburg

Dave Grohl breaks leg Gothenburg

Dave Grohl breaks leg during second song!

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20 Responses

  1. Buxtonnes says:

    should have gone to fucking hospital.

  2. Kryptica Paul (KrypticaMusic) says:

    Fucking legend.

  3. Lisa Stadtmueller says:

    He is just unbelievable….that’s why the fans love him.

  4. faridjabba says:

    u got the money back ? is there footage of the accident? what kind of
    inkury exactly ?

  5. Bob Le says:

    lleuvene mien sakenfor vatore

  6. BSD Attacks says:

    please help me get 1k dislikes on my latest video =) thanks 

  7. FruityTits says:

    Meanwhile that fat fucking faggot Axl Rose used to make paying fans sot and
    wait on his trashy ass for 3-4 hours before showing up to the venue.

  8. TheEvdoggy says:

    Sounds like black Dave Grohl broke his leg.

  9. MELL09494 says:

    240p really?

  10. Soh Chubb says:

    god damn legend

  11. darknezzcrow says:

    Ese es un artista que se da por sus fans. #MyHero 

  12. markvanslam says:

    I wonder how long it took exactly it for him to come back because I know
    what I’ve broken bones it takes hours at the Hospital. maybe they gave him
    the fast track for the said he had a few thousand people waiting for him

  13. markvanslam says:

    He probably came back doped up on that hospital heroin feeling okay and
    ready to rock

    • Bill Belzek says:

      He’s already a hardcore heroin junkie — so I bet the broken leg felt
      ticklish to him

  14. Nikola Bijeliti says:

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  15. The Demented Bros says:

    MY LEG!

  16. Alucienas Serenity says:

    lmao poor guy

  17. tiemyshoes92 says:

    Literally just bought tickets and hotel rooms for the 4th of July 20th
    anniversary Foo Fighters show. Come on Dave be strong and don’t cancel!

  18. tiemyshoes92 says:

    I love how Dave tells Taylor, “Hey you gotta do Chevy Metal. You gotta do
    it? Can you do it?…” Hell yeah Taylor Hawkins’ side band. Great stuff.