David Beckham Gets Booed – The Graham Norton Show

David Beckham Gets Booed – The Graham Norton Show

David Beckham talks putting his kids through the Arsenal Academy which is met by a couple of boos from the audience.

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20 Responses

  1. MetallicInHD says:

    Please Delia, do ring up Beckham now! 

  2. L.M says:

    Last man…should’ve been sent off. 

  3. Racial Rabbit says:

    What a cool dude

  4. KernosT says:

    Great interview but I dont understand why his kids get so much more just
    cos they have the name Beckham beside their actual names.(If you can
    understand me).

  5. LipJobby says:

    Oh what a great anecdote! Woohoo!

  6. Mohamed El Amine EL ATIAOUI says:

    never knew becks is such a funny bloke lol

  7. DKDGaming says:

    This makes me laugh every time 

  8. Joanna W says:

    Hugh Jackman ah :)

  9. Leon Cocco says:

    Such a misleading video name.. even though the video was interesting, I’ma
    vote this down

  10. Sir Casm says:

    Bwahaha. This is hilarious 

  11. CheruGames777 says:

    just curious wh would anybody name his son brooklyn or like north or
    whatever? No creativity intended or what

  12. Sheboygan Shovel says:

    Jackman is hilarious.

  13. Faizah AlKhatheri says:

    Haha what a cute story!

  14. Erno Xoriginal says:

    Beckam tbh no disrespect but the only son that you have thats going to
    follow in your footsteps as a football player is Cruz, iv been hearing he’s
    really good as for Brooklyn he should stick to modeling, I saw him play and
    he’s dirt.

  15. kbg12ila says:

    Perfect example of someone who has aged well and someone who has aged

  16. YouLose! says:

    i wish my hair was that beautiful.

  17. Joakim Joakim says:

    Sir David

  18. jj chapoteau says:

    What NFL team does this random guy play for??

  19. Blake Kendal says:

    didn’t hear one “boo” from the audience, to be fair becks didn’t even make
    the right decision, if he wanted to be a completely impartial referee Romeo
    should’ve been sent off as he was last man