David Benavidez vs. Caleb Plant: Highlights | SHOWTIME PPV

David Benavidez vs. Caleb Plant: Highlights | SHOWTIME PPV

In a 4 fight mega-card, undefeated two-time champion, David Benavidez outlasted Caleb Plant to earn an impressive UD win in their highlight anticipated grudge match.

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51 Responses

  1. arthur lyampensha says:

    What a fight 😮 Benavidez and Plant gave it all in this fight. Congrats to both, the better man took it home 🎉🔥👏

  2. MURKGOAT says:

    Respect to the Benavidez family & much love. Caleb Plant hold your head brother you did great. Hope these two fighters go on to do bigger and better things. They just did something we rarely see in today’s culture of boxing. They put their reputations on the line, they wanted all the smoke, went straight at each other, tried to knock each other out, and show class afterwards. 🥊💯👌

  3. Joaquin Zamora says:

    Damn! That was the best PPV I’ve purchased in years! Only disappointments was the Colbert-Valenzuela decision and Kenny Bayless refusing to warn Plant of all the holding he was doing. Overall it was an awesome card

    • mariluisa flores says:

      ​@Troll that’s how you get out of Caleb’s triangle hold😅😅 let’s go Phoenix!!

    • M MC says:

      @LOKOKRZ.GAMING , You’re right us humans need to be entertained, so two shirtless dudes giving each other brain damage is what does it for people i guess, and everyone got paid so its cool.

    • Tessa Pickering says:

      I agree Benavides should of had points taken from all the elbows dirty and dangerous. But it’s prize fighting not dancing.

    • Joel Reyes says:

      @Troll what about the low shot?

    • J T says:

      @Jerry Omar lmao, when they hold you, run from you and low blow you… yeah you gotta make it a dogfight. Besides he got warned while Plant was being perfected from the worse ass whooping he should have taken lmao

  4. Random Brandon says:

    It hurt to see Plant take all that punishment 😕 I just hope he’s okay and returns home safe to his family

    • God's princess ♡ says:

      Matthew 11:28-29 – “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. <29> Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” God will give you rest and take away your problems, He will make your bad situations into a beautiful testimony 🙂

    • Fishwoz says:

      Lol he’s such a cocky fighter he needed to get smacked around. If he comes back it’ll prove if he’s great or not

    • Jesus Pernia says:

      Plant will most likely come back. I don’t think a loss will stop him from training or fighting.

    • Pure Water says:

      David said he happy plant can return to his family. David got respect

  5. DD says:

    Great fight. Bayliss definitely benefited Plant in the first half.
    Great chin. Benavidez stepped the heat up and wore Plant down. Took his legs but didn’t take his heart.

    Glad I woke up early to watch it live! 🇬🇧

    It was almost as entertaining as the Laurence Okolie fight 😂

  6. Kicks 24 says:

    When i was watching the fight around round 8 I didn’t think Caleb would of made it to the 12 he looked Gassed out and David was putting crazy pressure shows how much of a fighter Caleb is win or loose

  7. Borz says:

    Benavidez broke him in the end but Caleb definitely has heart

  8. redcrucible2ify says:

    Caleb Plant is the definition of a warrior with heart ⚔️

    • MK K says:

      @Max Mittleman why would I lie not everyone could be floyd Mayweather the guy tries too hard to copy his Style and Tactics and fails miserably . He could have been a terrific fighter if his offence was on point but that’s not the case !!

    • Lamaunt carruthers says:

      nah fr i think the old him came out with the speed and counter punches i definitely respected him but benevidez still came out on top

    • Monkey says:

      All he did was wrap him up. Come on.

    • YoMamasHouse__ 1 says:

      @Dezavite nah bro I love plant but dude was either always hugging and holding or getting saved by the ref every time he was in danger ⚠️

  9. Diego Olguin says:

    Respect to Kenny the referee by he was helping plant so much, separating them in the in fighting and not warning for excessive holding.

    • Flex Hyland says:

      @Hollyfreeholly !!! Benavidez had an onslaught of power shots uppercuts and looping short shots, anytime Plant was stunned and staggered Bayless would come in and break the action. Not only that gave Plant more time to recover, it created more distance that plant needed to get Benavidez off him. Plant did not want benavidez to work inside or in the pocket. In the pocket is where Plant initiated the holding. The clinch is understandable and apart of boxing when you’re close range and want to stop a guy from working. However in the pocket Plant made sure he held to stop Benavidez getting to close range. the ref continuously stopped momentum from Benavidez and interrupted alot of the action. Plant was helpless and anytime he was going to fall Kenny Bayless got in the way. Kenny Bayless actually would push Benavidez further away than he did with Plant and it looked more like a father refereeing his sons fight, the son being Plant.

    • Uwisethegreat says:


    • Hollyfreeholly !!! says:

      @Flex Hyland I don’t know about that, seemed more like Caleb received more punishment with the referees help instead getting knocked out.

    • Flex Hyland says:

      Kenny saved Plants life.

  10. Mr Kipple says:

    Caleb Plant no shame in this loss at all,he fought well. And made it through on his feet. True Warrior . Great fight by Benavidez. He’s easily the best in the division. I don’t know who could put up with. His incredible abilities. A true Mexican Monster

    • Puto says:

      @GH Sense plant was holding on the whole time, benavidez beat him up more than canelo did

    • Puto says:

      @IDont Win plant was holding on for his life, the ref was helping plant not get knocked out. Canelo gonna beat his ass beat by benavidez

    • Puto says:

      @i21c0g wym he didn’t do anything for at least 6 rounds?😂😂 that means plant would’ve got a draw or won, plant won like 3 rounds convincingly. The rest were close or benavidez beat tf outta him. Look at his face does it look like he can’t fight?

    • Melly 404 says:

      @IDont Win He proly would’ve if the ref didn’t let Plant hug him to death. Plus hitting harder than the next guy doesn’t make you the better boxer. Tyson fury can’t knock mf’s out like wilder can but he’s a better boxer by far. So yea gon somewhere with allat shit

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