David Blaine Does Magic While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

David Blaine Does Magic While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

David Blaine is known the world over for his street magic and endurance stunts, which include being buried alive for seven days and holding his breath underwater for 17 minutes. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the legendary magician takes on the wings of death and discusses his origin story, the wisdom of David Copperfield, and his closest calls. Needless to say, he’s got a trick or two up his sleeve as well…that may or may not involve Carolina Reapers from Smokin’ Ed Currie himself. Prepare to have your mind blown and be sure to check out his new live show “David Blaine in Spades” starting September 30th at Resorts World Las Vegas.

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30 Responses

  1. First We Feast says:

    Who would watch a David Blaine and Chili Klaus stage show?

  2. the bootleg boy says:

    I swear you guys get great guests before I even realise I want to see them on this show 🔥

  3. Daniel Dehart says:

    This may be the most I’ve ever seen Sean thrown off his game. Not in a bad way, but in like a pure reverent way. He was in awe of how David took everything. And when DB did the magic trick, it was like we got to watch what Sean was like as a kid…his smile was so genuine. Bravo for the first guest!!

    • ColoradoStreaming says:

      @Amadeus2054 I think I have it figured out. The card was pre-selected by David. He had 2 other cards like it already torn the exact same way and put into the peppers, probably through the stem that was glued back on. David used mind tricks to have Sean pick that card by having it already presented out then asked back and forth to make it seem like Sean actually picked the card. The card was already pre-torn or perforated to have that shape. David actually ate the card then had both peppers with a backup card. That is why it took David longer to chew his pepper because it had part of a card in it too. The trick comes from the illusion of choice that Sean thought he had when picking cards.

    • mojo says:


    • Brent Smith says:

      When he cut the pepper open and David showed Sean that the piece of the card was inside, Sean should have just sat there in silence for about 20 seconds and then said “Cool.”

    • Roger Roger says:


    • Amadeus2054 says:

      I know right! Seeing him giggling uncontrollably when the pepper was cut open, so genuine it eliminates the chance of the trick being scripted. David Blaine is something else!

  4. Shankroid Beast says:

    His ability to control his body, mind and consciousness is extraordinary. He is not only the best magician I have ever seen but also the best performer. Can’t wait to see him in Vegas.

  5. Markus Leung says:

    Ive enjoyed David Blaine for ages but never seen an interview that didn’t seem scripted. I’ve never realized how charismatic he is and light hearted he is! Great start to the season!

  6. Sophia Miller says:

    His high tolerance has made this quickly climb to one of my top fives… David’s face whole he was asking if its mind over matter just made me die laughing. This is hilarious.

  7. Michael McElligott says:

    This is so fantastic. If you’ve seen Blane’s street magic, he’s always so straight-faced, super serious, never breaks that character and just seems so intense. But on here, his true, fun-loving personality shines through. You can tell you truly just loves the world and everything it has to offer. Excellent episode.

    • Jennifer Peterson says:

      Funny, I was trying to figure out why he looked different to me. It’s because he’s smiling and so light 😊

  8. Laken says:

    Sean was so animated and giggly this episode!! Apparently we need more of David Blane 😂

  9. Argyrios Kitchin says:

    I’ve watched every episode of this show, loved all of them; this is the first time I’ve seen Sean struggle more than the guest. David crushed the heat🔥🐓

  10. LordBleh says:

    David Blaine really has that laid back super chill vibe while at the same time he is really passionate about his craft and stories. Such a great personality.

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