David Bowie Dead at 69

David Bowie Dead at 69

Legendary musician David Bowie has died following a battle with cancer just days after his 69th birthday.

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20 Responses

  1. 213ChinoSuper says:

    Dam! So much for Labyrinth remake.

  2. D Doe says:

    Shine on Mr. Bowie… in peace <3

  3. manualLaborer says:

    ┻━┻︵ (ノಠ益ಠ)/ ︵ ┻━┻

  4. Andrew Graham says:

    I’m confused, shocked, and I don’t know what to believe. My heart nearly
    stopped reading this post. I hope this is not true, but if it is, I am
    truly, truly sorry for the loss of such a great man, performer, musician,
    and inspiration. My heart goes out to you, David Bowie, the blackstar.

  5. Marker says:

    This happened yesterday

  6. Xavier Quiñones de León says:

    “whatever happened to the teenage dream “. Marc Bolan RIP Dave

  7. Exploding Jelly 2nd channel says:

    Bowie sensei noooooo!!!

  8. Meman Hauman says:

    knowing him he probably died in the 69 position :)

  9. KoolDawg99 says:

    Anyone else listen tot eh song “Blackstar” on his new album and think it
    was very creepy? I haven’t listened to the other songs on the album but I
    hope “Blackstar” was meant to be disturbing because I didn’t enjoy that
    song at all due to the very creepy sound it had. But R.I.P. David!

  10. David Martinez Fuentes says:


  11. Stuart Dagger says:

    A sad sad day for music lovers the world over, to lose a talent like David
    Bowie is a massive loss to us all. Rest In Peace David and thank you for
    life long memories expressed in your talent that we were humbly honoured to
    have been gifted upon us from yourself.

    The world has lost an irreplaceable talent and leaves us with a void, our
    loss is most defiantly heavens gain. God is truly building the best concert
    in heaven. ?

  12. Leave A Msg User Is Offline says:

    That was a useless video!

  13. Aristocats says:

    Aaaand hes in hell

  14. David Martinez says:

    R.I.P legend!

  15. lorem ipsum says:

    David was a cross dressing queer.

  16. RachelMieleMusic says:

    This was such a shock. Most deaths are… But this one, just like Robin
    Williams, hit me hard

  17. RachelMieleMusic says:

    One more, REBEL, REBEL! And, Nothing’s gonna touch you, David Bowie, you
    had your Golden Years.

  18. Chris Ryan says:

    RIP Scott Weiland, Lemmy Kilmister and David Bowie…

  19. Youknowmyname says:

    lol 69

  20. Stan XCX says:

    69 !!! Lol