David Bowie – Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)

Music video by David Bowie performing Sue (Or in a Season of Crime). (C) 2014 ISO Records, under license to Sony Music Entertainment

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19 Responses

  1. rendo says:

    2014 and still ahead of the curve

  2. Monica Edwards says:

    I don’t think it’s possible to stop loving this guy….

  3. That Sound says:

    David Bowie gives us a noir lyric video to his new orchestral jazz single
    “Sue (or In a Season of Crime).”

  4. DiBease Company says:

    Is this a new single?

  5. X21483023589644 says:

    The coolest of cats.

  6. thevoid99 says:

    his voice is like buttah. it’s still so fucking good and rich. bowie is

  7. Gabriel Parkers says:

    David ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. P Gascoigne says:

    I love Bowie, have done so for a long long time but this harks back to torn
    paper lyrics and this is not ahead of the curve – this is 60’s prog Jazz –
    and, David, it is very hard work. Nice to dip your toes in, but now sprint
    away !

  9. Tammi Starten says:

    Thanks Mr. Bowie 🙂 Love on ya! 

  10. Coolcat16 says:

    LA Noire + Nick Cave 

  11. Nahuel Amarante says:

    please, I can’t see it. Quit regions control

  12. Jessica Lopez says:

    Esta bloqueado en mi país! Ey por favor! 

  13. Ocean Sage says:

    Jazzy prog rock with David Bowie singing? FUCK YEAH! I hope he makes more
    prog rock songs like this. It actually reminds me of my favorite song off
    of The Next Day: “If You Can See Me.”

  14. Lorenzo D says:


  15. Vivian Jackowski says:

    The video, music, DB voice meld. I would love to hear more this way. So
    glad he still wants to give us more. Thank you DB.

  16. aacchanx says:

    The type of brilliance you could only expect of Bowie.

  17. Jim Eikner says:

    a wonderful
    addition… I am pleased.. and it is my 57th Birthin day. Thanks David!

  18. James Stinedurf says:


  19. mzirino says:

    My goodness this is a cool song – actually a simple song structure with
    orthogonal elements – really dark, but fascinating