David Bowie Tribute l The BRIT Awards 2016

David Bowie Tribute l The BRIT Awards 2016


Watch the full David Bowie tribute from The BRITs 2016. Annie Lennox and Gary Oldman pay moving tribute to the late, great David Bowie as he is honoured with a BRITs Icon award. Bowie’s band are joined by Lorde for a performance of ‘Life on Mars’.

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20 Responses

  1. Sarah Moon says:

    people should not be comparing Gagas and Lordes tributes. what matters is
    David. there is no competition between them. Both of them were wonderfully
    done. R.I.P David. ❤

  2. Luis Navas says:

    Oh man she really did do bad, I thought people in the comments were

  3. Karen Jia says:

    this makes me cry….

  4. Jack Ryan says:

    ricky gervais do space oddity should be awesome tribute too

  5. Janel Mckinney says:

    Please stop having stupid pop stars pay tribute to a great man like him!
    Annie probably would have been a better fit!

  6. wicklandtube says:


  7. phskeithatkinson says:

    Ugh, why do people keep making a big deal out of this girl? I haven’t
    heard one song of hers that sounded good, her vocals are incredibly average
    and this is so grating to listen to. Even Jessica Lange out-sang her, and
    she’s not even a professional singer. =/

  8. ashton phillips says:

    she cannot sing

  9. Patrick Boutin says:

    Annie Lennox would have a better choice, no?

  10. Michael Susilo says:

    she has the rock voice. she hit every notes right. what made her sounds
    strange is her music accent. her signature voice. she have vibrato and she
    doesn’t crack singing high note. her voice is just low but she can sing.
    and her song lyrics is pretty admirable considering her young age

  11. life on mars says:

    Lorde was ok. Not bad. I wish she would enunciate the words better when she
    sings. That is one quality that set Bowie apart. He was a master in
    interpreting his own songs and making sure every word was crystal clear to
    the ear.

  12. way 1997 says:

    lorde performance was better than gaga’s tribute

  13. Pyro quemado says:

    Suddenly every talentless bitch think they have what it takes to even touch
    Bowie’s material.

  14. Ariam “Pequeño Buda” De Marconi says:

    voice totally out of scene, no life, no sense, wtf who says singing this
    girl… Life on mars never sounds so bad :(

  15. Michaela Chin says:

    Lorde is not the right person to do this gaga did better

  16. Nathan Crook says:

    Bowie would of been embarrassed by the brits and the artists that win
    awards in them.

  17. Kalama Kekahuna Smith says:

    anyone know the song at 9:58?

  18. Jack Sterbenc says:

    that was a truly horrible performance

  19. Kris22774 says:

    Lorde sucks. Horrible.

  20. Me Underwears says:

    By the audience ,I see they are shit load of young people who doesn’t even
    know who Bowie was. I can bet.