David Dobrik Guesses How 1,016 Fans Responded to a Survey About Him | Teen Vogue

David Dobrik Guesses How 1,016 Fans Responded to a Survey About Him | Teen Vogue

YouTuber and all-around nice guy David Dobrik guesses how 1,016 of his fans responded to a 17 question survey about him. From his first kiss to his favorite body wash scent, David attempts to guess the responses of the majority of his fans and lets us know how spot on they really were.

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David Dobrik Guesses How 1,016 Fans Responded to a Survey About Him | Teen Vogue

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47 Responses

  1. Icy C says:

    He looks 8 but also 35… it’s kinda confusing lol.

  2. Icy C says:

    “I look for a sense of humor in a girlfriend.”

    *yall got him thinking abt lizza*

  3. Paige Rodriguez says:

    ever since he announced to posting 2 days a week he’s been everywhere. I’m not mad at it though

  4. jess ig says:

    Why wasnt i informed about this survey???

  5. Droog Sam says:

    At 12:18 David seemed like he was hiding something? Ariana grande collaboration perhaps not out of the realm of possibility

  6. o Unbothered g says:

    “I don’t know how to get a hair cut” Lmao??

  7. Marta F says:

    David: Irish spring, I don’t know what it is
    **Kermit has left the chat**

  8. David Dobrik says:

    Thank you for having me Teen Vogue!! Also, thank you for comparing me to Channing Tatum. I feel a lot more confident in my day to day life now!!

  9. Caleb Kim says:

    He’d be a Chipotle Burrito…

    It looks like he’s got everything together on the outside, but inside it’s just a mess and it’s soft and chewy and it could fall apart at any second. WOW THAT GOT DEEP 😮

  10. Jessica Big knob says:

    David should do a Netflix show where he travels the USA with all the vlog squad

  11. BAOQKD says:

    Camera Man: Joel
    David:I’m gonna find you Joel.
    Video: *their name isn’t actually Joel


  12. samantha doudak says:

    “I don’t even know how to float”

    -David Dobrik 2019

  13. Sophia says:

    David is just the cutest human being I don’t know one person who dislikes him

  14. Gaurika Fry By Ritwik says:

    David : I’m gonna put this in my pocket
    *sits on it*

  15. Saron says:

    David would be a better talk show host than Lilly. Please make it happen.

  16. It’s Smiley says:

    Thought they would get David a deck of cards at the end

  17. Kabyashree Kataki says:

    He is the most adorable person……he deserves all the happiness because he makes people so happy with his vlogs

  18. DavidParodyPlays says:

    David is living the dream right now. He just won a huge KCA and appearing on every channel on YouTube

  19. V Cookie says:

    Why the heck didn’t they give him the cards?! I’m totally pissed off?‍♀️??☹️

  20. Carly Paoletto says:

    “You sound like you don’t want to see the trick” ????

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