David Guetta feat Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne – Light My Body Up (Lyric Video)

David Guetta feat Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne – Light My Body Up (Lyric Video)

Directed by: Amber Park
BUY / LISTEN : https://guetta.co/lmbuay

David Guetta feat Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne – Light My Body Up
(David Guetta, Giorgio Tuinfort, Julien Martinez, Ester Dean, Onika Maraj aka *Nicki Minaj*, Nick van de Wall aka *Afrojack*, Dwayne Carter aka *Lil Wayne*, Kirill Slepukha aka *KIDDA*, Danil Shilovskii aka *KIDDA*)
Produced by David Guetta & Julien ‘Drek’ Martinez
Additional Production by Afrojack, Boaz van de Beatz and KIDDA
All Instruments by David Guetta, Julien ‘Drek’ Martinez and Boaz van de Beatz
Recorded at Cruise Control Studios Amsterdam, Netherlands
Mixed and mastered by Daddy’s Groove at Test Pressing Studio’s Naples, Italy
Publishers: What A Publishing Ltd (SACEM) Administred by Bernstein Shapiro (ASCAP); Piano Songs/BMG Talpa Music for Europe (BUMA) / Rest of The World COPYRIGHT CONTROL (BMI); Damn Dat Music admin by Universal Music (ASCAP); Young Money Publishing/Warner Chappell Music Publishing (BMI); Money Mack Music; DLG Publishing/BMG Talpa Music (BUMA)
Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne appear courtesy of Young Money/Cash Money Records
(P) & (C) 2017 What A Music Ltd, Under Exclusive Licence to Parlophone/Warner Music France, a Warner Music Group Company



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20 Responses

  1. Itsbadkarma says:

    Who else is listening this Song just because of Nicki ?✨

  2. byJannik says:

    3% David Guetta, 2% Lil Wayne, 95% Nicki Minaj ?
    (don’t take it so seriously)

  3. Burak Köksal Çevirileri says:

    Please stop leaving shitty comments to this masterpiece song!

    Thanks David for this collaboration!
    Thank you Nicki,
    Thank you Wayne!

  4. Eugene James says:

    Where are all the Remy Ma fans at???start hating coz this song ain’t worth hatin?
    Nicki won the battle.. numbers don’t lie???… Dope track

  5. Tsers Pier says:

    Omg!QUEEN OF RAP IS BACK!Amazing vocals.I can’t wait for music video!This song proves to Nicki’s haters that she has amazing voice.

  6. G elevate says:

    Lil wayne G.O.A.T

  7. Zeynep Alparslan says:

    She never disappoints me!!!

  8. ysl stunna says:

    where my lil wayne fans at?

  9. Marouane Hajir says:

    who came here directly after nicki’s instagram post

  10. Leo Boilevin says:

    David Guetta + Nickie Minaj = LEGEND !!!!!!!

  11. Jayceminaj Habbo says:

    Nicki Queen of Rap & Vocals

  12. Souland A. says:

    Nicki is so creative with her lines, yas bitchh

  13. Nicholoy Levy says:

    This song is sooooo LIT!!!!!!!………..Nicki and David are top class Collaborators..

  14. mario sumaryono says:

    Only guetta can make nicki minaj sing! No rap i mean but truly sing

  15. DeAndre' Flyboi says:

    Damn This is why I love Nicki

  16. Charles Kimble says:

    mo bounce vs light my body up / like for Nicki comment for Iggy

  17. Music Lyrics HD says:

    does someone come here for Nicki Minaj ?

  18. K. Alansari says:

    I felt Beez In The Trap in it

  19. HEY I AM EDWIN says:

    3% David Guetta , 2% Lil Wayne 95% Nicki Minaj ?

  20. Josue Martinez says:

    Remy Ma may have delivered some good disses on her 7 minute track, and even tho Nicki replied back, she didn’t go real hard. But Nicki won. Why? Well when Remy released Shether, everyone was talking about it, people suddenly became Remy fans, but then that died in about 2 weeks. I don’t hear anyone talk about it. Nicki, on the other hand, released 3 songs, all 3 are good and No Frauds is the best and is trending. It’s being played on the radio and people are listening to it everywhere. Nicki was right when she said (wording is not completely correct), that she doesn’t make diss tracks, she makes hit songs with disses in them. And she couldn’t be more right. She dissed Remy on a song that’s a big hit. Nicki won in the fact that her songs are being heard more, people are gonna be going on about it for weeks, and Remy is gonna have to hear about for a while; while Nicki isn’t hearing anything about Remy cuz no one is talking about her anymore

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