David Kushner – Daylight

David Kushner – Daylight

Music video by David Kushner performing Daylight. © 2023 Miserable Music Group, LLC / David Kushner, All rights reserved


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27 Responses

  1. estplays says:

    This song is a masterpiece.

  2. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Merci de nous avoir bénis avec une chanson aussi profonde mais incroyable

  3. Jessy-Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    This music video is completely a hit right in the gut. Put together so well. Pure talent all the way around. This song is absolutely beautiful and REAL.

  4. Majex sso says:

    Każdy z nas czekał na takie cudo…

  5. StokrotekLpStV says:

    Kocham tą piosenkę każdy na to czekał..

  6. WhitmanU.S.A says:

    This song is not only so relatable but you can hear the pain in his voice and the emotion in his voice while he is singing the song. I love it so much.

  7. Zuzia Kopeć says:

    od dzisiaj mogę stwierdzić, że mam ulubioną piosenkę

  8. OlixirElixir says:

    Słucham już 15 raz. Naprawdę, przepiękna piosenka.

  9. Duda Sampaio says:

    Meu Deus como eu esperei por esse momento. Essa música é simplesmente uma obra de arte, não é só uma música, é um sentimento. ❤️

  10. Wendna Santos Sousa says:

    AAAAA essa música é tão linda 🤍

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