David Samson, Miami Marlins mourn death of Jose Fernandez

David Samson, Miami Marlins mourn death of Jose Fernandez

Miami Marlins president David Samson discusses learning of Jose Fernandez’s death and extends his and the team’s deepest sympathies to Fernandez’s family, girlfriend and soon-to-be-born daughter.


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20 Responses

  1. Punkchic207 says:

    This literally had me in tears. R.I.P Jose Fernandez. I’m a Rangers fan
    who’s still trying to get to know MLB as a whole(other players, stats, etc)
    so I had really never seen him play, though I did see him at the All Star
    Game. I then went to look him up and heard his incredible story. I could
    see he had an electric, contagious smile and a genuine personality. He went
    way before his time. God bless his family, loved ones and child on the way

  2. Louis Rosenberg says:

    I’m still crying.

  3. The Hammer says:

    rest in peace left the world to to soo

  4. Yawen Lin says:


  5. Teenrage Reviews says:

    in shock

  6. Michael Tapia says:

    It is sad day in baseball, our deepest condolences from Yankee Universe to
    the Fernandez family, the Marlins organization and fans, the City of Miami,
    the Cuban community. What shame he left us too soon, this guy was suppose
    to be a future HOF. He had a heck of an arm. Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
    Jose Fernandez

  7. Joshua Jones says:


  8. Chief Tapatio says:

    much respect. Rest in Peace.

  9. Isaac Diaz says:

    This is so sad???

  10. Nancy Z says:

    I am starting to cry love u Jose

  11. PG6PLAYZ says:

    R.I.P a great man and player. You will be missed.
    – A Rangers Fan

  12. cj james says:

    Man, this really sucks

  13. Grace JD says:

    RIP Champ. You will be dearly missed.

  14. Tristin McKinstry says:

    I wonder why they had to confirm the address and not the body. I can’t get
    that out of my mind.

  15. Merk % says:

    Man he was a future hall of famer and was about to be a dad man that sucks
    so bad

  16. Speedylegs 1738 says:

    He was my favorite picture, no joke

    -Mets fan

  17. OfficerGaming02 says:

    It’s even more sad his wife is pregnant having his little girl soon!

  18. The Killer Beast says:


  19. bnegs521 says:

    This is so tragic. One would have to ask though why be out on a boat at 2
    or 3 in the morning with such poor visibility and a pregnant wife at home
    and the fact there is an afternoon game the same day? Kind of odd
    circumstances. I was floored when I heard this today. Shocked! RIP Jose.

  20. Bubba Love says:

    you think he would know how to steer a boat, he did come from Cuba right