David Spade Remembers Chris Farley – CONAN on TBS

David Spade Remembers Chris Farley – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: David reveals the secret origin behind “Fat guy in a little coat.”

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20 Responses

  1. Daric Soldar says:

    Spade wouldn’t be anything without Farley.

  2. Madison Zelhofer says:

    ……my heart

  3. orazdow says:

    great team.

  4. Guardsman Kregah says:

    has anyone else noticed that the moon in the background looks like an anus?

  5. Gary Wilkey says:

    Wow! What it woulda been like! David looks like he’d give anything to have
    one last “fat guy in a little coat” right about now. I really appreciate
    everything those people did. Soo many laughs….

  6. Tip C says:

    Chris Farley will always be the over-acting king of comedy! I can only
    imagine what he would be doing now if he was still here.

  7. 1CivilRightsActivist says:

    I do like the Conan moments where they talk about ‘real’ stuff and not
    always hahahahaha. One can really sense Conan’s respect for the issue and
    modest approach. Points to him. More of that.

  8. Gasmassk says:

    David Spade looks EXACTLY like Gary Oldman.

  9. TheeBambam says:

    Hes so calm……dayuuum

  10. Nate Park says:

    Just imagine Chris these days. His acting range was actually very good, he
    might’ve gotten an Oscar for a dramatic performance role or something.

  11. Tom Moschen says:

    I would like to see a late night show where David Spade and Kevin Nealon
    just sit and talk about anything. Every episode a guest or two talks could
    join them but the subject of the conversation should always be about
    whatever they want.

  12. Jackson May says:

    Spade got old.

  13. Adam M says:

    Was just watching clips from Tommy Boy yesterday–“Tommy want wingy”

  14. John Lemus says:

    Sing it with me people. Fat guy in a little coat, fat guy in a little coat.

  15. Kamron Thurmond says:

    Black sheep and Tommy Boy are two of my favorite comedy movies. Chris
    Farley and David Spade where really just the best team, and I’m glad that
    the two of them gave us those movies. Thank you to the both of them.

  16. Billy Bowden says:

    San Harris and his fanboys are imbeciles!

  17. Vendable Bow says:


  18. Marcus Estrada says:

    I’ll say what everyone already knows:
    Saturday Night Live hasn’t been funny for almost 20 years.
    Ever since NBC got rid of these guys in the mid-90’s. it’s been downhill
    ever since and that’s why people are so nostalgic about it now.
    Once Conan & Spade brought up the great writers and performers from those
    days, like Chris Farley, everyone in the audience applauded it.
    People like Andy Samberg and Jimmy Fallon couldn’t hold a candle to people
    like David Spade, Chris Farley and Adam Sandler.
    That’s why most people don’t give a shit about SNL anymore

  19. Harold Davidson says:

    20 years later and I still laugh everytime I hear, “Fat guy in a little
    coat.” It was so stupid, but so funny. Damn, I miss Farley.

  20. DJ Granny says:

    What’s Spade talking about? I love the trust-fund brats that are on SNL
    now! :-)