Dawn of the Phyrexian Invasion – Official Cinematic Trailer – Dominaria United | The Brothers’ War

Dawn of the Phyrexian Invasion – Official Cinematic Trailer – Dominaria United | The Brothers’ War

Phyrexians have taken root in Dominaria as a shocking sleeper agent is revealed. Now a weary hero must travel back in time to discover how to defeat Magic’s greatest villains. Witness the beginning of an epic, multi-set story that fans will be talking about for years to come.

Preorder The Brothers’ War – https://magic.wizards.com/en/products/the-brothers-war

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Available Everywhere – November 18

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52 Responses

  1. DenverEight says:

    It feels real nostalgic when Ajani casts lightning Helix.

  2. Perplexed Wolf says:

    I wish Wotc would do a animated show like this. They have the characters, creatures, lore and worlds to go all out

  3. Sage the Archer says:

    “Phyrexians did not destroy your home, Teferi. You did.”
    Just kill the man ajani, you’d have done less damage

  4. Conor Wong says:

    The animators for these always do such a good job it makes me want an entire series in this style

  5. Crazed Link says:

    Now that would make a great duel deck, Ajani vs Teferi

  6. Benjamin Lehman says:

    I like that being completed doesn’t mean they are mindless

    • Sallomon says:

      @wadprime if we had to look for any examples of curing from phyresis in Magic’s history, we have Melira, who might already be dead, and Karn in Scars of Mirrodin history, who needed *a sacrifice of another planeswalker’s spark* to return to normal, and if I remember correctly that spark made him a planeswalker. Ajani is a planeswalker who, while technically not being fully metallic like Karn was, is still fully compleated. So to me it seems it will be even harder than in the case of Karn and especially Melira’s “magic healing powers” or whatnot.

    • Mageta the lion says:

      Phyrexia’s higher-ups never where mindless but more like enslaved or brainwashed to following Phyrexia’s agenda

    • Knightstruth says:

      Meh, I think it’s kinda dumb. Why would they have their old personalities if they’ve supposedly been driven insane by phyrexian wispers? How do they betray their people, homes and loved ones yet still have personality intact? Doesn’t make sense.

    • James Evans says:

      Compleation doesn’t necessarily equal mindlessness, it just simply removes the soul and essentially overwrites everything a person loves and believes in with New Phyrexia and the Machine Orthodoxy.
      If we use Tamiyo as an example, her drive to defend the multiverse was to protect her family, which included her kids and husband, but now that she’s been compleated, New Phyrexia has essentially replaced them in her mind; she still has her sense of family, but it’s been twisted to suit the needs of Phyrexia at large

    • Victor Aguirre says:

      The lightning helix animation was a nice touch. All will be one!!

  7. Reggie says:

    2:38 Teferi really just returned target permanent to its owners hand.

  8. Matthew Dick says:

    I like this far more than $999 packs.

    • Sunshine11229 says:

      You can purchase an all-foil, alternative art borderless version of this video for $15,000! one day only on Secret Lair! More! more! purchase! buy! bleed! spend! Lord Hasbro demands it!

    • Gatherer of Magic says:


    • Adrian Parra says:

      Facts, I would pay for mtg series. Mtg lore is far better than the game

    • adrian martinez says:


    • Der Fliesenleger says:

      @Sebastián Hernández if you buy Gold in this Situation you are a dump. Buy Gold when there is no crises and the prices are low. Lol. Because of this i am able to invest in other products not relevant if there is a crises or not.

  9. David Brown says:

    Can we have another cinematic trailer with Urza and Mishra beating the tar out of each other and reminiscing the good and bad times they had while He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother by The Hollies plays?

    • sertaki says:

      @Harrison Hanakahi unironical use of “normies”?

    • Harrison Hanakahi says:

      @David Brown And that’s the problem. Darth Maul white tigers and minority time mages sell packs not two elderly WASPs. WotC is going to get you and me irrespective this is for normies.

    • David Brown says:

      @Harrison Hanakahi No. I am thinking as a fan and who knows a bit of the Magic lore. It IS Brothers War, NOT Teferi’s War.

    • Harrison Hanakahi says:

      No silly. The set is called “Brother’s War”. Why would they show Urza and Mishra? Think like WotC.

    • Mrpoparq says:

      @Obi the BEEF Nah man, they use no magic, they just punch each other, with dead silence

  10. Chris Check says:

    God, I hate playing against Blue. I feel your pain, Ajani.

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