Dax Shepard Does Mental Math While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Dax Shepard Does Mental Math While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Dax Shepard may have written/directed/starred in the new buddy-cop film CHiPS (March 24), married the lovely Kristen Bell, and pranked countless celebs on Punk’d, but what we really want to know is: How is he with hot food?! Hot Ones host Sean Evans finds out as he goes wing for scorching wing with the actor, grilling him on everything from his Jay Z man crush, to his deep love for Costco.

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20 Responses

  1. Sean Evans says:

    H3H3 next week! – The Mgmt

  2. gman longstockings says:

    did dax have facial surgery? he doesn’t look the same

  3. LOVENUKE says:

    My personal top 3:
    1.Russell Brand
    2.Danny Brown
    3.That little fat American-Korean guy who pooped his pants (spoiler alert)

  4. Keera Seiger says:

    Most guys with tattoos on their ring finger instead of a ring will get their wife’s initial, but he got a bell tattooed for his wife! Just noticed. So cute.

  5. Emanuel22B says:


  6. PebbleDashin says:

    Get Johnny Knoxville ASAP

  7. Kyle Wells says:


  8. Wil Aukschun says:

    Of course he love Costco. He got his law degree there. Frito Pendejo!!!

  9. Andrew DeVito says:

    I have to see C.H.I.P.S now because he told me too. Holy shit that was insane. That was also hilarious he said he has a fentanyl patch on his back.

    Also it’s sad seeing all the people trashing on Dax, the dudes been in some of the funniest movies and when he stopped doing them for awhile, he was doing alot of stuff on the side, I mean for fucks sake he was in a majority of the Robot Chicken episodes, and everyone loved that show.

  10. heycraig says:

    thought it was the mega death that had him freaking out in the intro but it was simple addition got him

  11. Logan John says:

    The staff needs to do some major research on sauces for next season. Blair’s Mega Death is just not enough as a final boss sauce.

  12. Diggz Does Games says:

    Thinking aloud…. What about toasting the wings for a few in a small convection oven when the stars arrive? Usually best way to re-heat at home…

  13. gloryk01234 says:

    Where’s H3H3 ya bald fuck

  14. Matthew Davies says:

    Damn that green tea is the trick. That was beast

  15. ghoulsrule says:

    childish gambino needs to be on here!

  16. ddavid122 says:

    Dax, Dax just made everyone who didn’t finish the challenge look like a total Pussy.
    Don’t people hate those few who move the curve?

  17. Matthew Moore says:

    LOOK a white man can eat hot wings and not lose his shit! #Givesmehope

  18. Coos Oorlog says:

    Totally incredible. Did not see that coming.

  19. What The says:

    4 on trending.

    Also, who knew Dax was a fucking G? Holy shit.

  20. CMS Gaming says:

    Get Blair from Blair’s mega death sauce on the show, please!

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