Day 2 – Open | MOVE – A 30 Day Yoga Journey

Day 2 – Open | MOVE – A 30 Day Yoga Journey

In this session we create open space for new discoveries.
It will require your attention and focus, so start with your breath.

I don’t have many rules in practice, but one I do have is this:

The breath always comes first.

Your brain and nervous system will be continuously regenerating as you experience the 30 days – gaining new knowledge and feedback.

Build a new foundation with your breath and you will receive more benefits from your journey.

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42 Responses

  1. Anne says:

    Thank you for this practice, Adriene.

    I lost my Dad three weeks ago. With your practices yesterday and today I noticed how much my body literally and unconciously has collapsed into itself to ward off the hurt, the anger, the loss. Crouching the lower back, not lifting the pelvic floor. Things that came naturally to me before, are now weak. I’m trembling. I have to stop poses I had no trouble holding before. I will show up every day, hoping my body will find its way back to itself. Thank you.

    • Caroline Sparke says:

      So sorry for your loss. Be gentle with yourself.

    • NicoleKo says:


    • Meghan Elizabeth says:

      My deepest condolences to you and your family. I know how terrible it can be. I lost my mom in April 2020 and was unable to properly bury her. Yoga with Adriene was all that got me through it. This channel saved my mind and my sanity, as well as my body. I just forced myself to get on the mat, when I knew I didn’t have it in me to kickbox or do HIIT any longer. 20 months later, I’m still mourning and struggling, but I just plug in whatever mood I’m hoping to achieve and Adriene usually has something for me. 🙂 This is a great place. I give you all the props for showing up.

    • Cindy says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope yoga can help you feeling a bit better. This year, it’s been 10 years since I lost my dad, and sometimes I can’t believe how much time has passed. I still miss him everyday, I’m not gonna lie, I still cry very often thinking about it (like right now, typing this), but I’ve learned to live with the pain and be strong, especially for my mom. I’m sure your dad is watching you and is glad you’re doing something good for you. Sending you all of my love 🙂

    • Ellie M says:

      So incredibly sorry to hear of your loss, I find so much comfort and hope reading you will show up everyday xx

  2. Audree Clint says:

    I lost a lot a physical strength last year. As someone who struggles with anorexia, anemia, and a low tolerance for heat in this Aotearoa summer, it’s been such a challenge! But I sooo want to regain that strength and return to the yoga that I love. I know it’s a challenge but with you cheering me on Adriene, I feel supported. Thank you <3

    • Barbara Walker says:

      I’m right there with you Audrey. Let’s hang in there until we succeed.

    • Azul says:

      You can do it!!! I believe you can. I’m overcoming my health issues, and now I believe everyone can. Keep practicing, inform yourself as much as you can about health. Personally, I used YouTube to learn about functional medicine and nutrition, and even the mind, and went from there. Your body is amazing, and every second it’s making it’s best effort to ensure your survival. Support it and you will see amazing things. Best wishes!

    • Ashley Vanstone says:

      Kia Kaha. You got this <3

    • Ms. Rochelle says:

      You got this!! I was just reflecting on how I started 100 days of yoga on 11/4/21, with the intention to heal my knee. Today my knee feels better, I have more strength in my body, mind and even my sound healing practice has transformed! I can’t wait to see where this journey takes you! 😌 💯🤝🏽🕉🙏🏽💝🎉🎉🎉❤

    • Rachel Walden says:

      Good luck with your strength and recovery!

  3. Susan Turner says:

    I love these 30 day challenges! I am in Scotland…these are for the world. So for those asking for a change of timings to fit their personal time zone, just start the programme one day late! The videos are available and free. This is for the world!

    • Maureen Buchan says:

      Scot living in NZ here! The videos come out at 11pm i think, so it is there for me to practice in the morning. 🙏💕

    • bippity bopity boo says:

      Well said! I’m in Australia, so the practices are uploaded around 9pm my time, but I like to practice at 6am, so it’s a day later for me. That’s ok, this is my fifth year, so I just read the email before bed, so I know what to look forward to in the morning. 💚

    • Debbie Wilkison says:

      From Nashville. I had a partial knee replacement 9 weeks ago after being limited in my walking and yoga practice by knee pain for about a year. My knee is so much better but still has some healing to do so I have to do some modifications for my right side. I am so happy to be here with you all and honor all of you and myself for being here.

    • Maaike says:

      Lovely programme, Adriene! Me and my friend Lida started yesterday in The Netherlands each in our seperate homes but sometimes together at her home where her dog Ray is helping as well. You inspire and give us the feeling we can do this!

    • Brampton Gardener says:

      YES!!! I have never understood why the timing is such an issue!!!!!

  4. Raphah Raysa says:

    Day 2, Open. To open the heart and the mind. This practice was so…empowering. I could feel myself shake, but for the first time in a long time, I accepted it and this practice provided a chance to do just that. From every breath to every step, I felt a little more supported. Life nowadays is so fast paced but then, all of a sudden slows down and it’s so hard to know what to leave and what to do next. Yoga just offers that time to take a break and be present in the moment. Thank you…Adriene for this beautiful practice and to Benji for decorating a smile on our faces today

  5. Jennifer Brown says:

    Don’t know why but when you said, “notice what it feels like to be alive today” it really hit me at the end. When we practice and it’s challenging, there’s a bit of heat and our hearts are beating a little faster; it’s really great to be aware and feel that we are alive. Make the most of each day! Good morning/afternoon/evening wherever you are, wishing you all the best and sending lots of love. Thanks again Adriene! Namaste ❤

  6. anamuinelo says:

    As Adriene suggested in one of her emails, I shared the fact that I would be doing a daily yoga practice in January with my family. It turned out to be very helpful today! I woke up later than usual, which altered my whole schedule for the day, I was already thinking I would have to do this 30 minute practice tomorrow! But my grandma encouraged me and helped me find a moment for it. Grandmas are the best 💘 I’m grateful for these peaceful minutes, for the heat and the struggle. Today I felt I was pushing myself while still listening to my body. Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did, and that you have a lovely day. Namaste.

  7. Yoga With Adriene says:

    Day 2 is upon us! What does it feel like to be alive in your body today?

    • Anna Voss says:

      Thank you Adriene ❤️
      You gentle loving encouragement keeps me going & although I can’t do all of the practice yet (hard as once could) I’m going to stick with each day & keep showing up. Much appreciation ❤️

    • Camastrall - says:

      Feels like courage for my law studies exams 🙂

    • Maryline Fortier says:

      Feeling gratitude to be there for the pain and tensions accumulated in the body. Feeling sadness and letting go of the past through being here now and taking care of the body.

    • Shannon Fry says:

      after that, it feels a bit shaky! but it feels good to be working on opening my mind and body, thank you

    • Deepa Allada says:

      Feels great. Thank you Adriene for including us in this 30 day journey. It’s awesome. Your videos are very inspiring even for beginners like me. Namasthe🙏

  8. A Ao says:

    2020 was a hard year for me. My wife passed , I have a toddler so I’m a single parent in my 20s and I had an injury which stopped my boxing career. 2021 I just comfort ate and put all my waking hours into my kid. I haven’t slept and This year 2022 I decided to start getting back to Me. So I take this time and follow your lessons and hopefully can get physically and mentally fit again

  9. Peter B says:

    I’m lying here in corpse pose thinking about your question, “what does it feel like to be alive today in your body?” and it made me think of a story. A couple of years ago I was doing yoga with a friend who I recently introduced to Adriene’s videos. We were doing a series of standing poses that required us to lift our arms above our head and I noticed him looking at me weird. After the practice he asked me why I didn’t raise my arms completely over my head. How strange, wasn’t that what I was doing? Apparently not. After showing me what I looked like in a mirror, my arms were nowhere near vertical. Now, I always had shoulder and upper back issues, but I thought I was improving. It felt like I was improving. I could have sworn my arms were over my head, so I never bothered to take the time and look. That was a big “aha” moment for me. Sometimes what you feel isn’t always real. I think I became so familiar with the routine that I was turning on autopilot and no longer listening to what my body was telling me, and this disconnect between my mind and my body was making it very difficult to feel alive in it. So that’s my challenge for everyone today. Be open to approaching each pose from a new perspective. You’ll be shocked how much you still have to learn, even from something as simple as shavasana. This is another lesson I like to carry off the mat. The biggest disservice we can do to ourselves is assume we know everything.

  10. b says:

    “I am strong” breathe “I am strong” breathe. this got me through this session today. I Imagine we all have that voice telling us to quit when the work gets hard and we are quaking but just that gentle reminder helped me power through and I couldn’t be more grateful; for the practice and the reminder that you CAN change the way you think about things. See you tomorrow!

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