Daycare Stories 2

Daycare Stories 2

When I say I was a little devil in daycare, I meant it! More stories for you!


Megan Maher:
E Griswold:
Chloe Dungate: @ScarfDemon
Emilee Dummer:

Thumbnail by @PantslessPajamas

00:00 – Intro
00:20 – Being Dropped Off
01:32 – Digging
02:55 – Cutting My Hair
04:47 – Peanut Butter
06:31 – Smarties

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33 Responses

  1. TheLifeOfAHazelnut says:

    Rebecca is the definition of quality over quantity.

  2. Hidden Desire says:

    1:45 It is to an adult as well. Once in Florida I started digging a hole halfway down a beach. A guy came along, saw it, asked what I was doing, said I was digging. He asks to join and does so. This cycle repeats almost six times. Ended up with a wide hole with a trench leading to the water, a large island in the middle. Guys were resting their drinks on it, sitting on the “benches” carved out of the sand etc. We did get one guy yelling at us since the sand would have to be moved back, but we were too busy enjoying ourselves and the hole we dug.

  3. Jenaya Chavez says:

    It’s fun to see how this channel has evolved from a story about a murderer teacher to daycare stories. And the animation is phenomenal keep up the good work Becca.

  4. X_Trifinity_X says:

    My grandma just past yesterday, and this video brought my spirits up. Thank you, Rebecca, thank you.

  5. PenguinLover583 says:

    A fascinating thing about watching videos while you’re sick, you could stumble upon a gem like this. I may have sadly not exactly been in daycare, but I do know I was in preschool and kindergarten. There is one thing that my mother and father said to me, that when I was a little baby, one of my parents were placing around bottles of shampoo or something around me.

    And do you wanna know what my autistic brain did in that moment? Well, my baby self managed to somehow organize the bottles by how they looked, little did I know that I seemed to have a bit of a thing with organizing. Isn’t that neat?

    • Tenacious Torrent says:

      I’d have opened each and every bottle and made a huge mess 😭 I was always too smart for my own good (adhd brain craves stimulation lol), so I was usually climbing things, opening stuff I shouldn’t be able to open (downed a bottle of children’s benadryl once) and in general getting into things if not being watched 🙃 either that or I was plotting my next wayyyy too intricate and crafty plan to harass and trick my little brother💀

  6. Son-Michael says:

    I would love an animated series just about you and your sisters childhood shenanigans 😂

  7. Toganium says:

    As an autistic person, I was unfortunately the victim of bullying at day care. Though they did play several older Disney films their, so that’s where I discovered my love for animation.

  8. Undead Ladybug says:

    Yeah, the “cutting you own hair” thing is definitely universal. I was 6 and took a chunk out of my bangs just before Mom took my little sister and I to get our pictures taken. Thankfully, I did it off to one side, so with a little careful combing, it actually looked presentable, and Mom has one of those pictures in a magnetic frame on the fridge to this day.

  9. BellyThat Productions says:

    As someone who is deathly allergic to peanuts, I feel your sisters pain. Being excluded from activities that included peanuts just so you could die happened to me all the time. These days, It’s more common that Daycares and Schools are peanut-free if there’s kids with allergies. But back in the day it was always “like it or lump it or die”

    • Meemah_ SN says:

      Peanuts are just banned in general because of the POSSIBILITY of someone being allergic, even if none of the kids currently there are.

  10. AnJelloProductions says:

    Rebecca pushing kids down who just STARTED walking is the funniest and most outta pocket thing I’ve heard💀😂

    Really great video! I’m glad a sequel was made and hope there’s even more stories to be told!

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