Dayton police stopped shooter in under 1 minute | USA TODAY

Dayton police stopped shooter in under 1 minute | USA TODAY

Mayor: Dayton shooter was stopped in under a minute.
RELATED: El Paso Walmart shooting leaves multiple people dead

Dayton’s mayor lauded police for stopping the gunman in less than one minute.

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67 Responses

  1. Renee Wheaton says:

    My prayers and condolences to the families of these victims…. ????????

  2. LighteN Ing says:

    R.I.P. ? Many thanks to the first responders?

  3. Danielle Rodriguez says:

    My prayers to go out to every single person who is being affected by this just like my city is being affected by the mass shooting done here in El Paso yesterday. It’s such a different feeling of pain when something like this happens to your own hometown. May God bless you all and may He lift your hurt. ❤

  4. Cherokee says:

    My heart goes out to the families of ones that lost there love ones to this tragedy. Thank you to the first responders.

    • Martin KaLdahl says:

      White cop killed the shooter so your logic is flawed. Crazy is crazy

    • Cinyx GP says:

      NS 55 I hope your mother is violated in the worst way possible

    • phorn panha says:


    • Ëë Mage says:

      Nice to see your heart going to the right places. Now, the important thing is where your vote will go to help stopping this madness.

    • Animation Cow says:

      @NS 55 You’re basically saying, in a nutshell.. “My condolences go out to the family affected by the shooting….. these damn WHITE PEOPLE have mental illnesses nowadays… WHITE PEOPLE are the problem.. again… my condolences go out to the families affected…”

  5. Kimberly Rivera says:

    stay safe dayton ?
    prayers from el paso, tx ??

  6. SB59 says:

    I will say every department was on high alert so that factored into quick reaction to it, but well done ??

  7. Oh ya ya says:

    Imagine neutralizing a mass shooter in the amount of time it took to watch this short video. Props to the first responders ?

    • dementare says:

      @UCUlTlNkVuvJUZJ9eRohgJ9A You need to better understand what I’ve already written, several times, and at least once explicitly… but to do it *AGAIN* , the 2nd amendment of our constitution, isn’t about “The government can’t take our guns.” it’s *supposed* to be that “Our government shouldn’t have weapons that can overpower the general public”. But, they already have such weapons, and guns are basically a moot point when it comes to trying to defend against America’s army, a high powered fully automatic large caliber machine gun isn’t shit to a drone, laser, old school B-52 bomber even. So, I, *DO NOT* think we should have such easy access to guns, specifically hand guns, as *THEY* are the main problem with average americans.

      I’m just also pointing out that without guns, I expect that the people who commit “Mass shootings/murders” will have higher body counts as they’ll use more effective methods that require a little more effort in getting, like bombs, chemicals, etc.

      Also, please don’t assume you know a person’s viewpoint, when you can’t even read what they wrote…. as I *DON’T* think “The world around me operates the same way America does and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

    • Joe Shaloom says:

      @dementare holy shit, it appears that your only viable option is to agree with me. Why does it seem like you don’t want to?

    • Peter Stiff says:

      @Joe Shaloom imagine a country where murder rate is twice as high as it is in USA…and that’s with machetes. That’s Jamaica. I’ve said it before and I’ve said it againwe haven’t done a very good job of getting drugs off the street and even if we did people can make more same thing with guns. if we’re going to talk about top 10 murders I think Oklahoma City and the twin towers. And that’s fertilizer and airplane. So… Your not that smart gomer.

    • Peter Stiff says:

      @dementare I wanted to inform you that bold text is dumb and I didn’t read your longer than shit dissertation. Maybe id agree with you. I’ll never know.

    • dementare says:

      @Peter Stiff I wanted to inform you that informing me that you think bold text is dumb, is dumb. I might have agreed with you as well, but I didn’t care to give your opinion a second thought, as it was a waste of time the first time. You might not be an idiot, but your recent comment, suggests otherwise, I guess that’s something I’ll never know.

  8. Emmanuel Ross says:

    I guess there’s gonna be some more. It looks like a planned shootout at different locations.

    • supersecretsquirrel0 says:

      it sure does look that way

    • Needles Iblis says:

      Of course they’re planned. Mueller found no evidence of collusion and the Clintons (and other ‘elites’) are being implicated in a pedophile sex ring.

    • Hunter Cassidy says:

      @Needles Iblis your actually mental… you mean the pedophile sex ring that the creator of admitted he made it up. A guy bursted into a pizza place and started screaming about realising the children because he thought they were held there because of bozos like u

    • John Downs says:

      @Needles Iblis Wow. What happened? The meds aren’t working anymore?

    • Larry Vasquez says:

      @Hunter Cassidy high lvl public official and pedophile usually go hand in hand together (yes including trump, epistein, podestas, clinton, etc). Check out the shooter connection to Hollywood and his imdb page plus his family background. Look at the podestas instagram archive and his friends Instagram archive, full of pedo language and photos.

      Very convenient that he only shoot the computer hard drive and the street camera was turned to other direction despite always pointing at the same direction for years.

  9. Johnny Exama says:

    Thank you the brave women and men officers for ending a tragedy.

  10. Killerzach 174 says:

    Media: why would anyone do this?

    Also media: this shooter got in the top 10 with 40 bodies tune in next week to get an updated score.

    • FlamingTP says:

      M-M-M-M-Monster KILL! Hey, if they could go with this headline and get more ad money, they would.

    • jchc VV says:

      @Nathan Gold Whites never apply that logic to anybody else? Who else should it be applied to? There aren’t shooters in poorer areas who shoot somebody for nationwide notoriety or to make the “Top 10” list, sure mentally + financial status play a factor, but ain’t nobody who commits those shootings doing it outside of gang shit or related to money/drugs/street cred, so how would mental health play a factor? The Black dude in Tennessee who shot up a White church received the same logic by the way

    • Nathan Gold says:

      jchc VV so you saying the kids in the hood growing up can’t go through post-traumatic stress? That only applies to military soldiers right?
      How do you know every murder in the hood happens over those reasons you gave? Because you heard it from a rap song or from one black person. Like one speaks for us all right? Also I never heard anybody call that black man mentally ill. They only apply that logic to white mass shooters. So miss me with it.
      Kids growing up in south Baton Rouge, Baltimore, Chicago and other bad metropolitan areas have witnessed more murders than they can think of and you don’t think that weighs in on their psyche?
      Like I said you people only apply that to y’all people so y’all don’t get called out for the murderous behavior y’all continue to display. Y’all would rather talk about Chicago to deflect from the homegrown white terrorist.
      Y’all killed more people here then isis or any Muslim EVER DID.

    • Peter Stiff says:

      @Nathan Gold I want to say Fu real quick.

    • New Anomaly Productions says:

      I know it was a convenient win for Beto in El Paso. Who’s running for office in Dayton area?

  11. mkhud50n says:

    Depression and guns. Bad mix. Make America Happy Again

  12. Chase Taylor says:

    When seconds matter, police are minutes away! Defend yourself and those you love!

    • hr 777 says:

      soon you will not be able to defend yourself the media is pushing for taking away the guns of the good guys as the solution but that will only make the mass shooter more successful and make things worse. they want to abolish the second amendment as a prelude to communist takeover make no mistake about it

    • TheodoreCHill says:

      @hr 777 Exactly. How arrogant can people be?

    • John Downs says:

      Communist takeover. You people are the kind of nitwits who unknowingly raise mass shooters. It starts with stupidity and paranoia.

    • John Downs says:

      Actually, the cops killed him in less than a minute. So much for your NRA bumpersticker thoughts.

    • Chase Taylor says:

      @John Downs you don’t even know what yer saying lolol

  13. Golden Girls says:

    Words can’t express the pain that the families of those involved are going through. My thoughts and prayers go out to those families.

  14. Sophia Armendariz says:

    I live in El Paso and don’t live to far away from the store, I live like 5 minutes away. I give my heart and prayers to all the family’s going through this hard time. And what scares me the most is that the day before the incident I was at the very same store. So it’s scares me to think that I could have been in that situation

  15. SmokeyPandaSquad says:

    Shootings are now so often now, hope everybody will be safe no matter where they go. Stay strong America!

    • Shean the Sheep says:

      francis chow fr like Chicago

    • signas82 says:

      @Shean the Sheep And I could live there for over a decade and never experience a shooting there, but those killings are personal and gang related whereas these killings are random.

    • signas82 says:

      @francis chow What is a ghetto city? Killings are reported there, they don’t make national headlines because, let’s face it, majority of this country doesn’t care if black people die and nobody would tune in to that. It’s only news when it affects white people.

    • signas82 says:

      @francis chow What kind of lottery are we talking about? Where are you getting this probabilistic data from?

    • signas82 says:

      @francis chow correlation doesn’t equal causation. You can’t definitively state that the rise in coverage of mass shooters causes mass shooters. He had a right wing manifesto and he warned of a Mexican invasion so it’s far more likely the first shooter was motivated by right wing white supremacy ideology then anything else. The second shooter was a disturbed individual that the people who knew him, said it was more or less not a surprise so no casual link can be reasonably established between reporting of the Saturday’s shooting and his shooting, not yet at least.

  16. Adrienne Scullion says:

    I am not from Ohio but I hope everyone is safe sorry bout the people who lost one I feel so sorry for u good luck

  17. gunning ju says:

    The officers at Dayton Ohio did a great job, and tip my hat to them!

  18. Walking Trails 777 says:

    Well done police officers! I only wish the Texas police would have had the opportunity to have done the same thing! Praying for Texas and Ohio!

  19. Samual Whittemore says:

    “Under One Minute”?????
    Were they tipped off by the FBI the day before?

    • jneal24 says:

      No conspiracy here. If you go to a popular area with lots of bars close to closing time, there will be lots of cops around. They are on high alert like probably never before. So I’m not surprised they got to him that fast.

    • Martin KaLdahl says:

      They ran to the gunfire would you?

    • Panzer Blitz says:

      A cop car passed the scene in less than a minute and gave him what he deserved.

    • Anna Q says:

      It’s already a heavy patrolled area because sometimes the motorcycles get out of hand..

    • Pretty B says:

      No. I’m from dayton the police just sit in the parking lots since its a party night club district.

  20. hasbro 21 says:

    The guy that was shooting literally killed his own sister like wtf

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