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Welcome to Daz Games! Here you’ll find all my Try Not To Laugh Challenge, Sketches and Reaction videos where you’ll enjoy my responses to videos from “LIFE HACKS THAT MAKE NO SENSE” and everything else on the internet you could think of. I like to do commentary walkthroughs and playthroughs of games like The Sims, ARK, GTA V, Minecraft, Horror Games and many others. New gaming videos will be posted five to six times a week. Be sure to Subscribe to never miss one!

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35 Responses

  1. iammæve says:

    Daz’s laugh honestly makes my day every time

  2. PowerGaming YT says:

    “Dude having a seizure and moving his legs”

    Daz: if your doing after you stretch you need to go to the doctors just saying.

  3. Didrik says:

    “That crab doesn’t know it’s a crab anymore. That crab got slapped so hard it thinks it’s a lobster” that’s probably my new favourite quote 😭

  4. ShortHax says:

    Who would’ve thought TikToks could make you feel an emotion other than cringe

    • Just a weeb says:

      @Oshawott look at my comments further down

    • Just a weeb says:

      @mackenzie Clarkson o yea might I also add, the audience’s majority is also kids staring at a 16 y/o’s ass being shook around at the camera and still haven’t matured. (And yes I am a kid too but I think I’m somewhat mature even tho I know I can be fucking annoying as hell online when I try to get my point across)

    • mackenzie Clarkson says:

      @♡Larbar♡ and youtube where a man filmed a dead body a man cheated on his girlfriend where multiple scams happen and instagram where they raise horrible beauty standards by photoshopping themselves and making teens insecure but heaven forbid a dew people whi disagree with modern feminism exspress their believes because believe it or not modern feminism wants power over men thats why feminists have ruined multiple men matters groups where they express their emotions because the feel like they can’t talk about it to anyone because they’re raised with phrases such as boys dont cry

    • mackenzie Clarkson says:

      @Just a weeb if tou dont have it you cant say shit

    • mackenzie Clarkson says:

      @♡Larbar♡ and i beg your read my entire reply

  5. Melissa Howard says:

    The only reason I laughed is because Daz did. His laugh is infectious

  6. burt2087 says:

    The only one that made me laugh was when she drop kicked him in the face

  7. evil says:

    What happens if the tiktok fails to make you laugh?

  8. Dam says:

    Daz last year: “ I don’t see the point in tik tok”

    Daz in 2021: “I felt like I blinked and it’s 5am”

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