DBFZ – Lobby ShenaniganZ 6

DBFZ – Lobby ShenaniganZ 6

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Subtitles by @Emerald Demond
Carl Frieza Animation by @Pringus McDingus
MOST of the mods (Carl, Whispy Woods, Mickey & the Spongebob chars) by @UltIMa647
Mickey Mouse Mod:
DUNK shirt 16 Mod:


The Star Of The Underground – UNDERVEIL:

Super Paper Mario – River Twygz Bed:

Shantae ▸ We Love Burning Town Toni Leys Remix:


Make Eggs, Throw Eggs – @Ben Briggs:


Sonic R Music: Super Sonic Racing (instrumental):

Holiday Hoedown (Snowball Valley) – @Ben Briggs:

Marble Zone – @RoBKTA:

Dinosaur Diddy (Ancient Lake) – @Ben Briggs:

Infraction – @Aim To Head Official:

Chemical Apex – @RoBKTA:

Press Garden Act 1 – @RoBKTA – Topic:

Star City – Diddy Kong Racing:

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24 Responses

  1. Lythero says:

    Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: https://clcr.me/Apr_Lythero and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days

  2. Legendary Rex says:

    The absolute pain in gogeta’s voice at not killing king mickey is a masterpiece

  3. Andrew Gan says:

    Mickey saying “I am inevitable” is the most menacing thing yet 100% in character for all 3 of his personalities.

  4. RADRAD's RAD Games says:

    14:45 The moment I laughed the hardest at.
    “You can’t take Disney’s wallet.”

  5. Tomass Bussingson says:

    27:08 “It’s only a matter of time Videl, YOU CAN’T ESCAPE FROM CROSSING FATE!”
    What a BBTAG type of moment

  6. BiomasterM2 says:

    30:36 Every moment that comes from these ridiculous character mods are always great, but even now I still think _this_ exact frame is still one of the single best things to come out of them. Everyone having gone into this match-up for the Dramatic Finish not really expecting it to be that interesting because of Goku Blue’s broken mod textures, only for him to _EXPLODE_ into his drip outfit, signature pose and all, in order to dodge Kefla’s attack and begin to quite literally *STYLE ON HER,* perhaps harder than anyone has ever styled before, was _THE_ hypest shit to see back during the original stream/VOD these bits were taken out of, and even now its _STILL_ hype as shit to see again.

  7. Sean Bird says:

    Welcome, folks, to what is likely to be the most cursed Lobby Shenanigans we’ve ever seen.

    7:24 And shout out to my man Whispy Woods for making an appearance.

  8. Eclipsed says:

    That “20:25” had me wheezing more than it should have.

  9. whatevenisthis- says:

    the green screen edits of psychonugget and beatbox make me so freakin’ happy man. especially the one at 1:45

  10. UmbreonMessiah says:

    “You’re never minus if you’re just not a bitch” might just be the MOST Lythero thing ever said

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