DC Young Fly Swats Cortez Like A Mosquito ? ft. Eva Marcille & G Herbo | Wild ‘N Out | #Wildstyle

DC Young Fly Swats Cortez Like A Mosquito ? ft. Eva Marcille & G Herbo | Wild ‘N Out | #Wildstyle

Eva Marcille & G Herbo stepped to the side and let DC handle Cortez Macklin whose words couldn’t make a big enough buzz to get a win ?

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73 Responses

  1. Chris Sanchez says:

    If this is blue you love (DC YOUNG )❤️?
    ?(I’m gifting my next 100 subscribers)

  2. Luoay Abadi says:

    It’s not a wild n out without nick getting a buzzer on his first joke?

  3. TrainFrain says:

    My man Eman a different type of thirsty???

  4. T'challa Ware says:

    Justina hit Eman hard with ” the you ain’t got a chance in hell”.

  5. Car Recalls says:

    When it is dc youngfly you know it is gonna be a lit show

  6. DMNBZY says:

    Towards the end of the video I could tell that conceited wanted to spit????

  7. Issa INTJ says:

    DC doing that mosquito head gesture is killing me ???? “eyerrrn”

  8. Jose Andrade says:

    Imagine being DJ D-Wreck working hard on some new beats just for someone to say cut the beat almost every episode

  9. Local Psycho says:

    DC and Justina on one team are just like peanut butter and jelly❤❤

  10. Sydney Blue says:

    I’m too early the comments are too dry, i’ll come again later ?.

  11. Tanmay Warekar says:

    DC and Justina on the same side?? Well RIP Opposite side

  12. Tugakashi 6ix9ine says:

    “your music is worse than Justina’s and Justina’s music sucks!” Ouchhh ?

  13. Shakendria Murphy says:

    So Justinas *uh huh* @2:17 didn’t scare nobody but me…. Oh okay ill hush lmaooo ?

  14. ICE_GoD says:

    I ain’t even gonna lie DC is the funniest on Wild n Out, “Boy you sound like a bzzzz mosquito”.

  15. Danny Tran says:

    But for real though, Emmanuel and DC flow was sick

  16. Tropic Foo says:

    DC Youngfly is prolly the best roaster out of the new school crew, make this blue if you agree, Ill be on wildnout soon

  17. Forknife And_ comedy says:

    Plz make a dc youngfly vs justina complation.

    Like so that they can see??

  18. Rondrea Haley says:

    Emmanuel was trying to holler all show poor baby ??

  19. Humraj Kang says:

    I ain’t even gon lie but DC and Justina nice wit it lolllll

  20. Tina Mupa says:

    DC has the best delivery and Justine always has really good bars???

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