DC Young Fly’s wife, MsJackyOh tragically dies while getting mommy makeover surgery

DC Young Fly’s wife, MsJackyOh tragically dies while getting mommy makeover surgery

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37 Responses

  1. Lovely Nika says:

    So sad my condolences go to her family ❤

    • QueenXimora says:

      Dang man😢 LADIES PLEASE STOP getting SURGERIES and love your body THROUGH the SEASONS of your LIFE or u WILL END up PAYING your LIFE. RIP 😢and keep your head up DC YOUNG FLY💕

    • M. Smith says:


    • Terrance Carmichael says:

      I feel horrible for DC and their kids, RIP to her 🙏🏾

    • Ebony White says:

      So true, also look how people constantly bullying Lizzo over her weight, I pray she don’t get pressured into do anything unless she want to. Blessings to Jacky oh family, this is heart breaking

    • Bobby Brown says:

      @Terrance Carmichael why? Feel sorry for Trump

  2. Sha says:

    The pressure to look a certain way is insane. This is so sad.

    • Coco Love says:

      Yes like people are risking they lives..

    • Tanya Lewis says:

      People also die all the time from medical surgeries as well not just cosmetic ones. Someone can die from having surgery on your arm or a medical condition. Surgery is surgery whether it be for vanity or a medical reason.

    • Cassandra Milk Marie says:

      Natural beauty is the best condolences to her 😢 Learn to Love yourself the way God made you !!

    • Krimez of Kolor says:

      @Tanya Lewis not true it’s different if you NEED it and die . She chose to get surgery not the same . Still so sad . Hope her soul can find peace .

    • FNAF AR Shorts says:

      And she was so naturally beautiful…man…

  3. Philly CheeseCakesss says:

    My mouth literally dropped 😢 I feel so sorry for those young kids & DC. I’m 33 & have been wanting to get work done to my body for years. This was an eye opener.

  4. Natalie Francis says:

    I’ve been following her for years now! She always seemed like such an amazing mother, partner and human being – rip 🥀

  5. Vee Ceey says:

    Im around the same age as Jacky so this hits really hard. My heart is so heavy for her family, especially the kids. I can’t believe it. I can’t imagine what DC is going through right now.

  6. Sharifah Akua says:

    My heart breaks for her family. Her kids are so young still. There was nothing wrong with the way she looked. RIP😢💔

  7. Michelle Cudakiewicz says:

    My heart is just literally broken for her, DC and the children. She was so young, pure, real as can be and most importantly DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. I’m not sure what she was having done but she didn’t need a damn thing. My heart goes out to her husband, children and family

  8. Bri Jack says:

    A mother of 3. 32 years old. This pressure and era of having to be perfect all the time has got to STOP. I feel for the children.

  9. It’syagirlAshley TV says:

    OMG MY MOUTH DROPPED!!!! This is so terrible. From the videos I’ve seen you could tell that she had such a sweet and genuine spirit about her. She seemed so happy to be a mom and love on her babies and family in general. This is sickening news. I’m sooooo sorry and send my condolences to her loved ones 😩🕊🙏🏾🤍

  10. Sza sza the bore says:

    This made me shed a tear. Although I don’t have children, I know how it feels to want to look your best and children certainly change your body! Sending her family peace

    • LOVE_REKA_ says:

      Yes, My stomach has changed so much since childbirth. Working out & eating right has been a journey & I just can’t get back to pre baby weight..I was thinking of mommy make over too..my son is 4, I can’t imagine leaving him behind on this earth. This is truly a wake up call. My heart goes out to her family. Just horrible 😪

    • Serena Atkins says:


    • Mark Dumas says:

      @LOVE_REKA_ you

    • Disney Ramirez says:

      @LOVE_REKA_gotta be there for the babies mama !!! Jackie was vegan and would workout this was her 3rd baby though maybe it changed up her shape more than just the weight loss and i believe she breast fed all 3 times it’s hard her career was centered on the internet where it’s so much pressure to be unnaturally perfect it’s so sad she was gorgeous regardless

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