D&D Beyond Announcement Trailer

D&D Beyond Announcement Trailer

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20 Responses

  1. Claylex says:

    This looks good and promising.

  2. Wargamers Shut Up & Jam Gaiden says:

    I’m about $600 in to licensed content through Fantasy Grounds. This looks a lot more like a tabletop aide than a virtual tabletop replacement and I certainly wouldn’t be replacing Fantasy Grounds with another platform for the sake of doing it.

  3. TheRashy2 says:

    Please have virtual table top…

  4. Esguord says:


  5. AlexMaude says:

    “Play with advantage”
    I’m no Beholder, but even I can see what you did there…

  6. Boss Galka says:

    Any word on the price or is it a free app? I probably shouldn’t have asked the last part, I doubt they would release it free.

  7. Karragh says:

    I feel like I already have digital tools that are cheaper (free), and let me add in custom content, say if I want to include unearthed arcana class features etc.
    I’m not sure what I could be getting out of this.

  8. XXX Tentacion says:

    back into my moms basement I go

  9. sawovsky says:


  10. Juan To Fear says:

    Good music! XD

  11. Josiah Fincham says:

    Can’t be a D&D ad these days without a mention of good ol Drizzt Do’Urden. I can hear Salvatore’s laughter and the sound of a human diving into cash money.

  12. SevenSeasAgo says:

    Is this supposed to be a replacement for something like Roll20?

  13. Tywin Lannister says:

    For a moment I freaked out thinking : whoa whoa whoa, they’re already playtesting D&D 6 ?!

  14. nemesis7884 says:

    fuuuuuuuuuuuuuc, while im happy for all the players, looking at the title i was hoping for an awesome new rpg pc game

  15. Peter Rockstead says:


  16. Havok Is all says:

    Does this not have jet packs or laser guns ?

  17. Ynk Brandon says:

    I clicked on this video for mistake and was right about to leave until I heard the uhuhuhuhuhuuhuh sound and I just had to stay for that.

  18. LightningBlaze100 says:

    Holy shit this looks good. But, will it be free, or will we have to pay for it?

  19. PacifierMusic says:

    Fantastic! Curse will do it right. Looking forward to this.

  20. Mike Fitch says:

    2nd edition was my favorite. Favorite campaign settings were dark sun, ravenloft, forgotten realms, planescape and i did think al-qadim was pretty cool. Never got into dragonlance although i loved the novels. Anyways this looks very cool. I dont feel it will take away from the “purist” experience at all. Not worrying about making a mistake or erasing and erasing and erasing will allow the game to flow much smoother in my opinion. Cant wait

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