DD Osama – Letter 2 Notti (Official Video)

DD Osama – Letter 2 Notti (Official Video)

Letter 2 Notti Out Now: https://ddosama.lnk.to/l2n


#E4N #DDOsama #Letter2Notti

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22 Responses

  1. Wafaa says:

    The way he makes sure that Notti is never forgotten is actually so beautiful and its pure love, sending my condolences

  2. bela quim says:

    Making it very clear that everything is and always will be for Notti, he is certainly proud of you.🕊️💕

  3. mymelody’ says:

    DD never disappoints

  4. Mataya Jeffries says:

    My top three
    1. “ a lot of people don’t know this pain “
    2.” I lost Notti I lost myself “
    3.” I got emotions that I cannot contain”
    These meant a lot to me these spoke the truth tbh

  5. Maddie Koko says:

    I know Notti is up in heaven smiling and being so proud of our accomplishments and how for you’ve come and I’m so proud of you💙🕊

  6. Zendaya says:

    DD doesn’t do this for the fame, he does it for his brother, he gon make sure notti name lives on

  7. Official YoungenJD says:

    I know for a fact Notti is proud of you DD the way you keeping his name alive and keeping his legacy going is amazing and that’s some real and true brothers love #E4N💔🕊️

  8. dabi floron says:

    DD never disappoints,LL Notti🕊️

  9. Lily🧿🤍 says:

    It’s amazing how he takes his pain and turns it into something beautiful this song really hits hard ❤ Notti is so proud of you , your definitely doing him proud E4N❤️🕊️

  10. Andy Buckets says:

    this is real artistry, versatility at its finest!

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