D&D Story: Ep 19- Demanding Answers

D&D Story: Ep 19- Demanding Answers

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1) “Ghost Story” By Kevin Macleod
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2) Audio of Variation of Egmont by Kevin MacLeod from his Electronica genre of royalty free music.
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63 Responses

  1. Dingo Doodles says:


  2. Oc Heaven says:

    1. Get monkey
    2. Curse monkey
    3. Give monkey uncontrollable power
    4. Lose control of monkey
    5. Wait a second-

  3. Spacemarin 36 says:

    So… no one going to talk about Sips’s mother? Anyone at all? *internal Sips screams intensify*

  4. Xman34 says:

    “Then I will fulfill my purpose of killing every single last Foreclaimer.”
    “Except Gothi”
    “Except Gothica”

  5. BenevolentRose says:

    Sips: It’s a curse.
    Vicki: Like… A werewolf curse?
    Me: Oh man this child is definitely a werewolf.

  6. Salted Toaster says:

    Erina: “He’s a weeb!”
    *flashbacks to Erina flirting with the Baron*
    Sneeze: ò 0ó

  7. Chip Bag says:

    Sips being reluctantly wholesome with children is outstanding, thank you Dingo for the serotonin

  8. Fira Polèmos says:

    Sips: Can she hang up on me?
    Xanu, a literal god: *shrugs*

  9. StupidButCunning says:

    “What the hell is that?”
    “I don’t like it.”

    That’s a mood…

  10. Mindy Lingard says:


    • ccvcharger says:

      Drawing is hard. Getting the group together to play DnD is hard. Keeping your players from completely destroying in one session the universe you spent hours upon days creating is exceptionally hard.

    • - Reneigh - says:

      Animation is hard and I can not remember everything

    • Riolunator1820 says:

      NACL dnd if it was animated: animate object shotgun teeth terrifies the robo beetles, now wiith added rope demon that swallows coins for a living

  11. Whiskey Rat says:

    Man, this entire D&D story needs to be a full on Netflix anime

  12. Kingcody444 says:

    “Turns out the old man had 1 hp”

    Megalovania intensifies

  13. xPearl_Heartx says:

    Tbh this isn’t even some weird d&d story anymore. This is a full on TV show.

  14. WerSonst95 says:

    “He is a weeb and a nerd” – Transforms into a magical girl.

  15. Fanus Obscurus says:

    Its gonna be hilarious is Xanu is actually being 100% honest and willing to help Sips.

  16. Hayden Schooley says:

    Ok ok ok is no one gonna talk about how the grampa weeb guy is literally Sans?:

    -Unassuming at first
    -hecka strong
    -one hit death

  17. elementalearth123 says:

    “my parents aren’t dead!”
    “they left me!”

  18. Bunny Wiafu says:

    “It’s weird, like you”
    The brutal honesty of children is hilarious

  19. Nathaniel Parkinson says:

    Little Orc girl be like: “Hmm yes, I claim this monke as my own”
    Sips: “Dafuq”

  20. TimeBucks says:

    that old man was basically sans with an anime sword

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