D&D Story: “Whoops! Guess EVERYONE has to die now.”

D&D Story: “Whoops! Guess EVERYONE has to die now.”

This animated Dungeons and Dragons story comes from when I ran a mission for the first time in Adventurer’s League. I accidentally misread the adventure and turned out I made some crucial mistakes when running it.

End song: “Bluebird” from the Youtube Audio Library

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46 Responses

  1. Bob Malone says:

    That sounds like much more fun than the original plan.

  2. Formoka says:

    I can’t believe they survived!

  3. Zelph The Webmancer says:

    Why a new player had to play a lvl 1 character in a lvl 5 campaign? Shouldn’t just level her up to the 5th so she can play properly? Sure it would take some time, but is better is better than having someone who can be oneshoted at any time.
    Also how did she manage to survive?

  4. Quin Callahan says:

    If the idea of this AL adventure is legitimately that becoming slave plan, that is a really awful plan. First of all, why in real life would the players assume they’d get their items back EVER. The Yuan-ti could give them away to allies on projects far away, or just sell the goods. Second, the cultists experiment and sacrifice slaves regularly.

    • Barnesrino Kripperino says:

      1 you’re meant to have a human player pretend to be a yuan-ti pureblood and the rest to be slaves
      2 there is a specific room you can get your stuff back before engaging anyone
      3 the encounters are only meant to be happening 1 room at the time, maybe 2, but enemies dont sound the alarm unless you are in the room with the alarm

    • Quin Callahan says:

      Why would the players, from a logical perspective, expect there to be a room with all their gear before any fights? And why don’t the fights, and the assumed screaming of combat and people dying, trip like every other room immediately? The place sounds full of enemies who would all be screaming in all these fights. Also is there like…a way the human is supposed to do that? Yuan-ti purebloods have snake eyes, don’t they?

    • Barnesrino Kripperino says:

      +Quin Callahan there are a lot of screams all the time, with the sacrifices and the slaves, and the yuan-ti are clever enough to have an inventory of things they have confiscated, you arent just staring out there, but you can find the room either by luck of by having one of the few helpful yuan-ti in there tell you (there are 2 i think)

    • Vutava says:

      +Barnesrino Kripperino And what if the party doesn’t have any humans?

    • Drakhesh says:

      +Barnesrino Kripperino So the entirety of this module is based on the assumptions that:
      – yuan-ti will be stupid enough to just take armed, expirienced combatants as slaves
      – pleyers will assume they can get their stuff back (they have no guarantee of that)
      – players will assume that there will, not might, will, be a yuan-ti, or any person of influence willing to help them in any way.
      – from in-game perspective, an immense amount of luck that PC-slaves wil lbe sent to work of something like that, insread of being a sacrifice, or killed for sport/fun/food

      Yeah, sorry. That is a loooot of “maybe’s” and “whatnot’s'”. Ig just one of those really easy to gail thing would do just that, the entire module would be gone as otyugh food

  5. Jac says:

    Stealth is for Metal Gears and Sly Coopers. Real D&D Players go in with spells blazin’ like Contra!

  6. Vortex says:

    Oh do I KNOW about derailing campaigns. I ran a home brewed game for my first time DMing. It was on short notice, as in the day before, so I didn’t have much planned. I wanted the players to explore and discover the world I placed them in, but since there were no other countries they could have come from I just kinda put them in the world with no knowledge of it and went “go” the problem was that since they knew nothing of the country and there was only one country all their questions about the country made them look crazy and or stupid. It was a rough start to the campaign for sure. Now we have a sentient talking penis named Richard in the party though so we obvious went RIGHT BACK ON TRACK

    • Senna Asad says:

      To fix this… Make the characters amnesiacs or, even better, spontanous creations by a deity or something. Or just give them meta infos on stuff they should already know

    • Vortex says:

      +Senna Asad This was a little while ago, so it’s all cleared up. I decided to go the deity rout actually, thought by then the players had changed around so much only one original member of the party was with them

  7. Rozen Verto says:

    I havent run this adventure before, and dont really intend to, but after finding out they players were supposed to be ‘enslaved’ shouldn’t you have like idk…’enslaved’ the pc’s after they fell unconscious. Or was it too late by that point? Idk, I wasn’t there, im jus saying what i would’ve done dm to dm. Also, trust me when i say i know the pains of running an adventure before reading the book first:

    *The first time dm’d was with the starter kit adventure (lost mines of phandelver, i think thats how you spell it), but the thing was i was actually picking up where my last dm left off because he had another group with his ‘older’ friends. So i agreed to take up the mantle and continue the adventure for my friends. The problem was that i couldnt take the booklet home to read because he was still using it, *sigh* so instead every time i came in to run the weekly adventure i took the first five minutes to glaze over the pages before i ran the game.
    This was my first dm experience.

    What was everyone elses first dm experience like?

  8. Taylor Casale says:

    But what happened to the lvl 1 player!

  9. Scalpels says:

    “Y’know, often times if you bash your head against a brick wall enough times, eventually it will come tumbling down.” So… you’ve played Dark Souls too.

  10. Iron Templar says:

    When I played this module the GM suggested we submit ourselves as slaves. I said that was the worst idea anyone could have.

    GM: “What do you mean?”

    ME: “Your suggesting we submit ourselves as slaves to a race that has been keeping slaves for centuries at least, our only hope would be if someone inside of the temple actually wants to help us for their own gain.”

    GM: “well their most likely would be someone who could gain from you guys taking out the head honcho”

    ME: “of course there would be, but we would be little more than pawns to be disposed of afterword’s. And we would likely be weakened from the fight so we would be easy pickings”

    GM: *sweats feverously* “well than what do you intended to do”

    We than with my Half elf ranger and the Dwarf Fighter planed out how we were going to fight a war aginst them. we would attack slave caravans and recruit the slaves to our cause equipping them with our enemies gear the best we could. my character developed anti toxin for our small army and we began our attack. the bulk of our forces would attack the main gates with Bows and arrows and other ranged weapons as well as eventally getting into melee. while the party and the rest of our forces took down the two walls we had tunneled to inside the fortress we than killed the remaining guards equipped whatever slaves were inside attacked the Yu-tie army from behind while they were fighting our much better trained (compared to the ones we just freed) army of freed slaves and crushed the bulk of the Yu-tie forces we than went in and room by room cleared the entire fortress the final battle with Nasee ended a bit unceremoniously as the rogue stole his weapon and the wizard couter spelled Nasee’s magic while myself and my *Newly deputized rangers* filled him full of arrows. by the end of it the GM didn’t even know what to say with just a little bit of planning and forethought we had trivialized a module that was considered hard. In the end though he agreed the whole group had fun and it was a good session.

    Than me and the Dwarf recruited the slaves as our personal army…

    The GM said he was going to need a week to plan out our next session. 🙂

    • Random Girl says:

      One game I played in years ago got derailed because the main plot point revolved around the party making a deal with this demon and letting it kill us, and then reviving us later. And in the party was a cleric of a war god whose afterlife was very Valhalla-esque, and a paladin. And he expected them to agree to a deal with a chaotic evil entity that they had no guarantee would keep its word, AND let it kill them first.

    • Iron Templar says:

      +Random Girl yeah I think it would have been a better expectation that the war cleric screams “today we have a fight worthy of the halls of Valhalla” and the paladin Devine smiting the demon into ashes.

    • Random Girl says:

      +Iron Templar Yeah, that was initially their plan. But the GM was insistent that this particular plotline go forward, and it ended up causing a lot of friction as the two players pointed out the GM was trying to tell them how to play their characters, and that campaign ended up getting ditched. He wasn’t very good at improvising.

    • Laura Cain says:

      +Carandini as and old school d&d player I think I should weigh in here: what was described in the original comment sounds pretty much on the ball to what I would have attempted. The Yuan-Ti’s snake attributes may have been useful but if most of the slaves had been from caravans the Yuan-Ti wouldn’t have been able to get the hypnotization done before the slaves were rescued. Honestly the hardest bit for me was the idea that they didn’t send out raiding groups to reclaim the slaves. All in all a good strategy.

  11. Westcoast915 says:

    I’ll always remember my first time playing DnD. My friends had just broken me out of prison(Slapped the Mayor, don’t ask), and on our way out we thought we heard someone screaming in a chest, so we decided to let them out. Well, it turns out that “person” was really just a talking sword with for some reason a kind of German or Russian accent, that according to our DM, was just supposed to be an Easter egg. Me, however, thinking still at the time that “Magical Items are GOOOOOOD”, wanted to take it. Aside from setting fire to everything it touched, the sword wasn’t very helpful, so I went to this wizard in town to attune it. Walking over there in game time, I could really get the feeling that my DM didn’t want me to have this item, and as I found out later, it actually was this really powerful weapon-hence why THIS happened: I went to the wizard, and WHAT TO YA KNOW, but suddenly that wizard wanted to turn me in for breaking out of prison. I ask how much I needed to bribe him with, and the wizard(AKA MY DM) said he wanted a mere price of 700 HUNGRED GOLD. For reference, we started with 500, me only having 1 GP left. I ask the DC for my charisma persuasion roll from my DM, and……well, let’s just say it a 19 wouldn’t cut it. I take a deep breath, glare once at my DM, and then make the roll, knowing fully well I’m about to lose a great magical item. The dice bounces………and I roll a FREAKING NET 20.

    Our group stopped laughing after around 20 minutes.

    After that, as per roleplaying, I spend the next 15 minutes lecturing my DM in character about “This one gold piece represents the culmination of technological currency advancement” and “How even one gold piece can signify a greater meaning in life.”

    Also didn’t manage to get attuned, so when I use it….. “The sword catches fire spontaneously, screams “Don’t TOUUUCH MEH” and the flames cause you to take damage. RIP

  12. CrazyBunnyProductions says:

    The best example of derailing a story has to be the most memorable game I’ve been in, purely because of how stupidly powerful I got for just… following the plot like a reasonable person.

    My party were all serpent people in a conan universe. We consisted of serpents in human disguise, serpents that were scaly humans, and me, the giant, 12 foot long snake with arms who might as well have been a rope with a blender stuck to him. Claws, muscle, I realized halfway through the story that I could just abandon his sword to me more effective.
    Now, the party was effectively lost in the start, so we needed to find someone to ally with until we could find our king… so our party leader, a burly male warrior named princess (Named not for ironic reasons, but because the player was “haha, girls”) wound up getting us allied with a lich…. but then we didn’t stop, and got allied with a geomancer THE INSTANT WE ENCOUNTERED RESISTANCE.

    Now my character, at the time at least, was a rather irritable creature. He was by the books, temperamental, and overall was only with the party because Princess was literally the serpent prince. He was in it out of respect only. It was only recently that I looked back on it and realized I hadn’t made the angry character I wanted, I’d made a character reacting in a perfectly natural way to the nonsense going on around him. Escape prison and get tranqed like 6 times, only to get imprisoned again while your party fucks around for 30 turns? Go into a cold rage and start shredding and devouring the guard kobalds, freeing everyone yourself! Stuff like that.
    The party was a nuisance to my character. Almost every enemy we met was greeted with the same thing. princess would lay down his weapons and declare “We’re on your side!” and succeed his damn rolls. By the time we actually met up with our king, we’d dropped more storylines that I could count, and had basically every major baddy wanting us dead.

    For awhile onward we seemed to be on track, doing missions for the king, helping bring the serpent people closer to summoning Set to the mortal realm. throughout the campaign I’d been apprehensive to all the side switching, but this was the only side that mattered! My character wound up so devoted that he was made Set’s champion.

    And then we reached the final chapter…

    What we were supposed to do was conquer the last kingdom that was putting up resistance to the summoning. It was like our final boss. Seige the castle and bring it down. Princess instead suggested we infiltrate it stealthily and take it down from within… which is what we did, minus the taking it down part. We walked right up to the people in charge, while I remained hidden, cursing so many serpentine swears under my breath that I’d probably make Set himself blush, watching as my party defected to join the resistance.

    What did I do? Did I betray my race, my god, my king, purely out of respect for my friends? No, my character thought they were idiots and traitors, and never built up any kind of respect outside of a basic sense of alliance with the same rulers and god. Now that that was gone, my character booked it back to the king to inform him of his son’s treason, and I wound up being blessed by Set as the king succumbed to rage and grief.

    To punish the traitors, my beefy snake dude was turned into a minor god. The party attacked with a small party of the rebel kingdom’s elite solders, tried to befriend me, and got slaughtered. Set was eventually summoned, and we consumed the world together. The ultimate champion.

    But seriously, there were so many interesting plotlines killed because of the constant ally shifting.

    • Eevee Vee says:

      You play a character so properly that you became your own big bad. There is no better perfection.

    • Stormcrow Legendary says:

      I remember you telling this story in a different vid. Your character was the strongest and the only brave warrior. You also had acid spit if I recall.

  13. Jack Linde says:

    Here’s how I’d probably handle the “new player interaction”

    Coordinator: “Here is a new player with a level 1 character.”
    Me: “Okay, got it!”
    Coordinator: “You know the character is level 1.”
    Me: “Yeup, got it!”
    Coordinator: “I just want to make sure you understand she’s a new character.”
    Me: “No problem, give her advantage on her rolls. Got it.”
    Coordinator: “Seriously, new character.”
    Me: “Okay, so you want me to TPK the entire party in the first five minutes. Can do!”

  14. Grandiflora says:

    Honestly due to being derailed this seemed to become a MUCH better and more memorable dungeon IMO

  15. LoLCTHSKateer says:

    They can also pretend to be yuanti themselves (the pureblood yuanti looks almost exactly like a human), so they don’t necessarily needed to be “a slave” themselves. Also, the high priest lady offer them a deal to help them get to Ras nsi without fighting all the guards (granted, she would try to kill them afterward). However, the players (who ALL suppose to have the death curse) can use that to renegotiate with Ras Nsi to gather the last cubes for free, gain entrance to the tomb, and walking out of the fane alive (which later on in the game pit them against Ras Sni once they walk out of the tomb alive).

  16. Conga says:

    I’m pretty sure Puffin Forest GM game are destined to go wrong

    • Stormcrow Legendary says:

      You’ll be okay so long as Abserd uses his magic on the big bad avoiding a TPK. Abserd is a 1st level everything. Even necromancer and classes that went away 2 decades ago. He is a lvl 37 spellcaster though.

  17. CrashBOREDOM says:

    I’m about to play D&D for the first time. Hope it’s not this crazy haha :p

    • AnimeMangaOtakuAkG says:

      +CrashBOREDOM Their first time DMing? Or experienced TPKer?

    • CrashBOREDOM says:

      +AnimeMangaOtakuAkG he’s done it before. He’s very experianced in Role playing, so he is our guide into the unknown, haha. And it’s pathfinder not D&D(still about the same , I know) haha. But 8ve spent 2 weeks reading all the player guides and such, and bought the starter box with the cardboard miniatures and map.

    • CrashBOREDOM says:

      +Zach Cremisi I started asking my friends to play, and to my suuprise, almost all of them have wanted to try playing! 🙂

    • AnimeMangaOtakuAkG says:

      +CrashBOREDOM Well have fun, and good luck. 😀

  18. Dread, the Mad Smith says:

    **Dalek Voice**

    You will die! *Screaming!!!*

  19. Gavin Smith says:

    “We want to be slaves…”
    *DBZ Abridged*

  20. whoxman says:

    To be honest, it’s the book’s fault, for considering that there’s just one option for the PCs, and that it is the only one that is correct just because it says so.

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