DDG & Chris Brown vs. The Ace Family $100,000 Celebrity Basketball Game!! ft. Lil Pump & more

DDG & Chris Brown vs. The Ace Family $100,000 Celebrity Basketball Game!! ft. Lil Pump & more

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75 Responses

  1. PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS says:

    I meant 40*… but I’m currently in the gym doing leg workouts. I’ve decided to dedicate my life to learning how to dunk… give me a week.. if you wanna be apart of “text gang” text me 323-615-2276 and click the link I send you ❤️

  2. JussLJ says:

    DDG: I was Valedictorian in highschool and I only had 4 points

  3. Kalenn Patterson says:

    He had his jersey on backwards ? it was bothering me

  4. Annamar Hernandez says:

    Was I the only one rooting for Chris Brown &DDG team to win ?

  5. Kyron Kennedy says:


  6. v Kenny says:

    The ace family: did you have fun?

    Ddg: i only scored 4 points.

  7. Amina Monae says:

    “Y they ain scream for me like tht” ??? , yo time comin DDG .

    • KhanTalope says:

      @Joe Stuehmer you a fight down smfh why you wishing bad on him

    • Makaveli Pac says:

      Joe Stuehmer why are u even comparing lmfao niggas be so toxic nobody was comparing just talking about ddg alone ? niggas always gotta hate from the sides lowkey ??‍♂️

  8. Its Yanna says:

    DDG & Clarence ain’t supposed to talk they on different teams ??

  9. Jenea Monae says:

    Lol anyone notice ddg had his Ace shirt on backwards in the beginning ??love this guy ??

  10. J A Y says:

    ddg- if I don’t score at least 15 points don’t let me ever touch a basketball again
    Scores 4 points **?

  11. Samantha Faye says:

    The crowd was so silent when Lil Pump was preforming ???

  12. Isaiah Walsh says:

    2:50 Mr Beast is waking in the background like why tf am I here

  13. Yrn Cj says:

    Nobody else realized that ddg had his jersey on backwards in the beginning ??‍♂️?

  14. DARWICH BELLO says:

    Make sure I got my chain on my neck I was dying ???

  15. Akeem Clutch says:

    DDG before: “I was Valedictorian in High school”
    DDG now: “I was 6th man in Middle School”

  16. Yung Tje says:

    Ddg honestly could win with his eye’s closed


    He was valedictorian

  17. LivinwithJennifer says:

    Clarence and ddg Are like the type who would get in trouble in class bc they can’t stop talking?

  18. Camtoswavyy says:

    Bone collector sold Chris team so bad…kept ball hogging and missing shots?

  19. Javian Johnson says:

    I still can’t believe a YOUTUBE couple sold out the STAPLES CENTER

    • Chelsea Iwuala says:

      @Tripleblade 82 just shut up. people were trying to buy some tickets but it was sold out in a couple of seconds. Why the heck you think some of us had to buy a ticket to watch it on paperview. The ace family is just too strong even without celebs they sell out and check last years event for proof

    • Lilitha K says:

      I mean they have around 16 Million subscribers ??‍♀️

    • Kubwa Na Zuri says:

      @Lilitha K plus chris brown and others subcribers thru could of sold out 2 of them

    • Maxwell Mensah says:

      It’s because Chris is there the goat????‍♂️

  20. Gabriel Tutt says:

    DDG: “I Only scored 4 points yea yea yea yea” ?Had me WEAK?

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