DDG – Hold Up (Audio) ft. Queen Naija

DDG – Hold Up (Audio) ft. Queen Naija

Sorry 4 The Hold Up available at http://smarturl.it/Sorry4TheHoldUp

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42 Responses

  1. Shakeria Crawford says:

    Yoooooo! This was heat! Queen really had fun with her vocals with this song!

  2. Gabby says:

    This is most DEEEfinitely the best i’ve heard so far! They killed this ??
    **went straight to spotify

  3. Aubrey BlackFace Adidon says:

    DDG is singing about Kennedy.

    Queen is singing about Chris Sails.


  4. Clutch dml says:

    DDG you the man you about to next if you keep on making music like this. This is amazing this song is good and you out done yourself bro keep it up D???

  5. baseer ghaznavi says:

    People : all ddg music sound the same

    Ddg: hold my Hennessy

  6. Notorious T.T.U says:

    2:36 to 3:01 DDG talking about someone. I wonder who?

  7. Epically says:

    This song is damn fired???make it blue if you agree???

  8. RB Grooves says:

    James Charles just kissed you like to reverse this ???

  9. Keisha Ramos says:

    This is how many people was waiting for this song to drop!!!!!!!

  10. QUEEN NICKI* says:

    Arguments & Medicine 2.0 ♥️‼️

  11. Takara Johnson says:

    Why the hell am I smiling so damn hard lol this song though ????❤️ okay queen & ddg show out then the GOATS of YouTube period!!!! #goals

  12. It's about time says:

    DDG & Queen this right here is lit lit. ??????????

  13. Latrice Devon says:

    Queen murked this track! I feel a radio hit for sure!!

  14. Nikki Austin says:

    Ouu they both snapped to billboard they go ????

  15. JayLikesRoses says:

    “All that I showed yhu was kindness”

    Damn I felt that & can relate?

  16. Life WithDarty says:

    This song was definitely worth the wait ???? repeat all day every day !

  17. Zo Bell says:

    If this blows up like medicine did for Queen we could possibly see ddg on Jimmy Kimmel

  18. DDG SQUAD 4 LIFE says:

    0:11 OG DDG fans only know the first part cuz of the snippet

  19. Itachi’s Numbnutz says:

    “Bet you wish you didn’t mess up”

    Ik Chris punching the air ???

  20. ItzLeon says:

    This is how many Grammys DDG will win

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