DDG – OD (Official Music Video)

DDG – OD (Official Music Video)

Stream “OD” on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/pontiacmadeddg/od-1

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Shot By: @LewisYouNasty
Produced By: @DevIsLit

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61 Responses

  1. DDG says:

    Stream “OD” on SoundCloud!! I’ll drop on Apple Music & Spotify when we hit a million!! https://soundcloud.com/pontiacmadeddg/od-1

  2. Erratic Nonos says:

    Who’s here before its trending


  3. Ri Ri says:

    This is proof ddg is betta then
    ChRiS sAiLS 🥴😂💯💯

  4. ReallyRASHAUN says:

    I played this 3 times , this sht hard, visual A-1. This sht motivating lol

  5. Martin says:

    If he makes this his sounds he’ll blow up soon. I’m done with that slow shit he been trying to make.

  6. Infinity Beautii says:

    Ddg is really a dope ass rapper put him on billboard his songs actually make sense 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. Jeo Linares says:

    I’m so proud bouta be 1 mill in a day

  8. KingXero says:

    Who ever is still sleeping on ddg just stop you know that his music is god level.

  9. YOUNG BB says:

    This how my gta character be livin and lookin😂

  10. Amir says:

    1:51 one of my favorite parts of the song

  11. SFG Productions says:

    He been broke out of that “YouTube rapper” phase

  12. Bhindarjeet Sandhu says:

    DDG can literally speak anything to existence. He said 2020 is his year for making it in the music industry, now he really about to make it BIG TIME!! 🔥🔥😤

  13. Bxta Rebirthed says:

    the hardest song he’s made EASILLLLLLYYYY

  14. UJWIN GODWIN says:

    Whoever reading this you will be Rich and Successful inlife.. God bless you…

  15. Famousboyluc says:

    0:48 that part is the hardest part of the song idc idc the lil foot movement an dance was fye🤣🔥🔥🔥

  16. Dnice TFM says:

    Idc if he ain’t YoungBoy but we need to make him poppin

    • David Aqeel says:

      @ACB NAZ yea he has an outstanding fan base for sure but he still haaz big players behind him. I’ll say it’s a combination of both.

    • David Aqeel says:

      @ACB NAZ The rap industry, and music industry love him

    • Backourt says:

      What was the point of saying YoungBoy?

    • David Aqeel says:

      @Akwasi Boakye he definitely has bangers, but out of all the tracks that were recently trending, I only liked one song, and sooo much other artists dropped heat, Ionly listened to it once. But I listen to all his songs that drop at least once to see if i like it. Yea nba has bangers that are better than this song. But this should be on trending, and it’s probably gonna trend.

    • joe jones says:

      @ACB NAZ facts cause yb not mainstream

  17. Elixzity says:

    He’s doesn’t even count as a YouTube rapper

  18. Drippin Cash says:

    “Get that gas n I roll that gas n I hit that gas now I’m high so fast, Rolls Royce wraith with a v12 engine never hit that gas ima swerve right pass” 🔥⛽️ can’t skip past that one🔥

  19. Annalise Magical World says:

    101k likes and not even 1k dislikes that’s how yk this song gonna blow

  20. iiDRIZZLEii says:

    You’re trending in the uk

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