DDG vs. Blueface $50,000 3v3 Celebrity Basketball Game!!

DDG vs. Blueface $50,000 3v3 Celebrity Basketball Game!!

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74 Responses

  1. PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS says:

    I’m the best basketball player alive…

  2. Mell Smith says:


    Crowd: ?

  3. reyanna simmonds says:

    who peep armon and trey and there girlfriends in the background. lol

  4. Anique says:

    Man I wish I was a famous Celebrity !! Hopefully god will bless me in the future ???

    • BlackEntrepreneur24 says:

      Banks B 95% of people are ignorant. His comment proves it, if you think god will laugh at you that’s a serious problem.

    • Banks B says:

      BlackEntrepreneur24 I’m not a Christian and I’m correcting a Christian lool

    • K1ng Az3l says:

      Banks B I know that.. my intentions was to be mean and that’s because most people that don’t believe in God likes to bash the people that do.. so Christians are going to start being mean and ignorant back.

    • K1ng Az3l says:

      I swear every atheist bashes people religion just because they don’t believe in it. It’s unacceptable.. I know scooping down to there level isn’t the answer and won’t solve anything at all but at least it shows that Christians will stand their ground. Idiot.. Bryce didn’t even have to say what he said; like what was the point.

    • Mr TATTAGLIA the pusher man says:

      Anique for what so you can have no privacy an TMZ popping out the cut after you just took a piss in the alley……I would rather god bless me with the cash of some celebrities without the fame …you can’t even dig up your ass or nose without some dip shit recording it or taking a picture of it an selling it to TMZ

  5. BG.luhke says:

    Announcers: they leavin him open

    Ddg: *Misses*

    Announcers: I see why?

  6. Mar Buildz says:

    Ddg Probably Said Ima Steal The Ball From You Blueface:Yeah Aight???

  7. Lil Vulx ✰ says:

    He held the check and made no shots ? he was valedictorian & tomorrows never promised ????

  8. 386Terry __ says:

    DDG uniform big asf???

  9. U M G says:

    Blue face vs Ddg in a BB game lmaoo I’ve seen it all??

  10. TheUnique EverythingFamily says:

    This man missed every shot talking bout he’s the best ifsb

  11. Amour Kiya says:

    *only people who brush their teeth can like this comment ???*


  12. vCxutious Assault says:

    Stop shooting and attack the rim ??‍♂️??‍♂️ you have to warm up before taking 3s


    They made DDG look like a midget ??

  14. Dr.Coolz says:

    DDG: I just bought a mansion at 21
    Blueface: Yeah aight

  15. Lance Barron says:

    That shit looked mad fun ?????? but where was Clarence ?

  16. Yvng Dexx says:

    DDG:I was valedictorian and I could’ve went to the nba

    Blueface: ouuuuu Dammmm

  17. vClutch YT says:

    DDG: I’m the best basketball player alive
    4:40 : * shoots *airballs ?

  18. LucidNbk says:

    DDG: I’m the best basketball player alive…

    Blueface: Stop cappin

  19. Barbiana Queen says:

    Miles was killin that NLE Choppa dance tho??

  20. L1l AC3 grind time says:

    Make this blue if you love God btw I’m gifting my next sub

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