Dead by Daylight | Attack on Titan | Collection Trailer

Dead by Daylight | Attack on Titan | Collection Trailer

The colossal new Attack on Titan Collection has arrived. Choose from a large cast of Survivors reimagined as Attack on Titan characters – or wreak havoc as a Titan.
Eren. Mikasa. Armin. Armored Titan. War Hammer Titan. 10 Attack on Titan outfits inspired by your favorite characters from the series are now available in the in-game store. Collect them all!

The Oni – Armored Titan – ULTRA RARE
The Spirit – War Hammer Titan – ULTRA RARE
Dwight Fairfield – Eren’s Uniform – VERY RARE
Yui Kimura – Mikasa’s Uniform – VERY RARE
Jake Park – Levi’s Uniform – VERY RARE
Meg Thomas – Annie’s Uniform – VERY RARE
Felix Richter – Armin’s Uniform – VERY RARE
Kate Denson – Historia’s Uniform – VERY RARE
Zarina Kassir – Hange’s Uniform – VERY RARE
Ace Visconti – Kenny’s Uniform – VERY RARE

Learn more about the Attack on Titan Collection here:

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer action horror game where one player takes on the role of a brutal Killer and the other four play as Survivors. As a Killer your goal is to sacrifice as many Survivors as possible. As Survivors your goal is to work together to evade, escape, and most importantly – stay alive.        

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23 Responses

  1. Chris Reyes says:

    This has gotta be the most random but most dope collab they’ve ever done and I’m all for it 🤣

  2. STRIXE says:

    I didn’t expect a collab like this for a while, not for another 10 years at least.

  3. Joshua Schmidinger says:

    I just like that they say it’s a collection and it actually is a collection, not just an outfit or 2 😎👌👏 this looks great.

  4. KinkyAstrid says:

    I love this whole collection, but I really wish they added an AoT map. I feel like it really would’ve made a whole collection <3

    • Aaron Aragones says:

      It was the right decision to not add an AOT map since there were only skins. If it was a DLC then yes there would be an AOT map

  5. CalebCMT says:

    This really took me by surprise in the Livestream. Seeing so many of my favorite Movies, Shows, and Video Game Characters come into the fog is a dream come true!

  6. Viewtiful Mango says:

    I’m not even an AoT fan, this trailer is goofy af, but I love it. This collection looks super cool. Oni and Spirit look really nice.

  7. Sean S. says:

    I was hoping for a Beast Titan skin for the Clown or Huntress, since they have throwing attacks. But I’m happy with Spirit as the Warhammer Titan!

  8. Embercub says:

    Zarina looking beautiful as always! Definitely getting hers along with Felix and Yui!

  9. Sigma Terror says:

    two years without new skins for Adam

  10. Ash ʕ ᴖᴥᴖ ʔ says:

    I haven’t played in about a year but this will probably make me get back into it. I love aot so much any new content before part 3 of the final season I’m gonna get into. So fucking excited even though Dwight looks ridiculous as eren lmao

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