Dead by Daylight | Ghost Face – Trailer

Dead by Daylight | Ghost Face – Trailer

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85 Responses

  1. Xirilyn says:

    I love the graphic, I thought some scenes were real life footages ahah

  2. Damion Hatch says:

    Finally. The only killer I’ve been wanting and waiting for

  3. VenomSlingShooter says:


    duck tape
    an already open knife packet

    GhostFace addons?

    • Alterra Corp says:

      We call it duct tape and that’s it. Only time I’ve heard the term duck tape is in the duck song. Plus by the sound of it duck tape is a brand name? I’m not sure but oh well

      When life gives you lemons give the lemons back. Demand to see life’s manager. I don’t want these damn lemons what the hell am I supposed to do with these!? I will get scientists to make a combustible lemon and burn your house down.. with the lemons. Do you know who I am? No one gives Cave Johnson lemons!

      K bye

      Who gets this reference by the way

    • XO Selhket says:

      He forgot the cell phone. That’s an ad-on lol

    • mokey the mouse says:

      Maybe perks

    • Alterra Corp says:

      You’d think he already has the phone if his plan involves one

    • Kode News says:

      +Alterra Corp love me some portal

  4. Francesco M says:

    My compliments for the graphics. It almost looks real.

  5. Lorenzo Pagliarulo says:

    Imange the real game having this graphics lol

  6. The Shpee says:

    Super Market theme? Sweet! Now I shop with fear from now on!

  7. DatsRight ItsMeh says:

    Why hello there,would you be interested in our points card???


  8. HavocGaming says:

    I love how the announcement tweet says “Quick! Act surprised!”

  9. gato23 says:

    I swear if he doesn’t have the Voice. . .

    “Hello Sidney!”

    • Jesse Paea says:

      +Sword Spirit Hollow Soul Reaper Tensa Zangetsu Who Uses Computers the plague has a voice

    • Alterra Corp says:

      Shadow Sniper it’s too late now anyway. People will buy the ghostface and that will be end of. The reason they didn’t get the ghostface licence is because the company that owns it is shut down and there is no communication or possibility to get franchise rights unless an associate or linked company gets in contact. They won’t add a liscence to a character that already exists as the liscence is what allows them to create, not modify as at the same time that will be unfair on the art, modelling and animation departments to throw all of their months of hard work away.

    • spino zilla says:

      It make sense killer would have a voice as it would give off their position, with exception to huntress who make sense due to her hatchet

    • John Chris says:

      “Chillin, killin”

    • Ha! got 'em says:


  10. Adrian Roque says:

    The Entity, watching this unfold: That’s the guy! That’s who I want on MY team!

    • Vankruze says:

      +Adrian Roque Scream came out over 20 years ago…

    • Alejandro Davalos says:

      Vankruze yeah but when you think about movies like Scary Movie its really easy to poke fun at and meme the “ghost face” killer

    • Vankruze says:

      +Alejandro Davalos maybe it just makes the kiddies feel less afraid when they can think of scary movie instead of watching the real thing.

    • Joyful Leader says:

      +Vankruze And the 4th one took place in 2010, Ghostface can still be hip 😉

    • No one Nowhere says:

      I think The Entity thinks of the killers and survivors more like a collection than a team.

  11. Sahar sevilya says:

    Cashier: scared of a guy with a small hunting knife
    Michael Myers: am i a joke to you?

  12. Um Ok says:

    So we not gonna talk about how good this animation was?

  13. Jefferson Brent says:

    Bhvr flexing their high quality animation skills

  14. Lethal Dragon16 says:

    * Kills the cashier *
    * Proceeds to still pay for his items *

    You’re a bad guy
    But that doesn’t mean you’re a *bad* guy

    • Alloy alloy Alloy says:

      Lethal Dragon16 wreck it Ralph

    • Isolated Goomba says:

      I laughed harder than I should have at this comment

    • No one Nowhere says:

      I mean objectively if this is the Scream killer…he’s not only a bad guy he’s every obnoxious jock stereotype and manipulative boyfriend cliche wrapped inside a halloween costume. So that seems inacurrate.

  15. The Circus Underground says:

    *He was later fired for sleeping on the job.*

  16. Meenu Mishra says:

    I thought it was live action.

    The greatest animation I have ever seen till date.

  17. finstrike7 says:

    The way they handled portraying GF is perfect. He is the most rude and if not only douchebag killer of the killers in the Entity’s sway.

    Also, so 90s!!!!!

  18. buunybaca 14 says:

    He maybe a killer but only a monster would leave without paying

  19. MEGADONGPEEN says:

    Ghost Face really paid in cash for his items.

    “Professionals have standards”

  20. SEAN GRIGSBY says:

    Victim: No please… No. Wait…

    Ghost Face: “Waaazzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!”??
    (stabbing sounds)

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