Dead by Daylight: Nicolas Cage | Teaser

Dead by Daylight: Nicolas Cage | Teaser

It’s the performance of a lifetime.

On July 5th, look out for more details about Nicolas Cage’s arrival in The Fog.

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer action/horror game where one player takes on the role of a brutal Killer and the other four play as Survivors. As a Killer your goal is to sacrifice as many Survivors as possible. As Survivors your goal is to work together to evade, escape, and most importantly – stay alive.      


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48 Responses

  1. GuywhosnamestartswithZ says:

    The fact that we don’t even know if he’s gonna be a survivor or killer says enough about Nick

    • Ty Johnston says:

      They leaked the roadmap and is says there’s going to be a new survivor in the next tome(just a survivor no killer so sorta like ash)

    • BlueJayz474 says:

      @Ty Johnston still funny enough for me to get him, even if his perks are trash

    • Gamer Therapy: Console Yourself says:


    • Maikeru Furin says:

      @BlueJayz474 A developer had mentioned how the perks are gonna be nuts

    • stabby’s lil boo says:

      The game isn’t even fun anymore for survivors. I haven’t won a game yet since the update that broke killers. The killer wins every time and now this game is trash. They nerf every survivor perk while killer perks remain untouched in this patch.

  2. Chantit Simma says:

    Every single survivor needs a voice line that exclaims,”Nicholas Cage!?!” when they first run up to the character.

    • Humoruos says:

      @stabby’s lil boo I think they brought it back to the roots where it was supposed to be more difficult for survivors anyways. Most of the games I played before the buff it would only take 1 good survivor to distract while everyone else could escape. Now? I think it is a lot more interesting. I do feel it is overly difficult, but it isn’t impossible to win. My friend group works well together and at least 1-2 of us will survive about 50% of our games.

    • Rotting Box says:

      @stabby’s lil boo I think you’re just bad at the game lol

    • Simple name says:

      @stabby’s lil boo git gud

  3. TROYAN says:

    Imagine playing killer and you see nicolas cage teabagging you at the exit gates, that’s both hilarious and infuriating

  4. Fitzgerald Laura K says:

    The entity didn’t bring Nickolas cage into DBD, Nickolas cage brought the entity to himself

  5. zoro4661 says:

    I love that it’s just straight up Nicolas Cage. Not one of his characters, good or bad, evil or not, just directly him. Fucking fantastic.

  6. Ryland Schepemaker says:

    If nick has voice lines like pinhead and wesker I’m gonna flip and die laughing on the floor , like imagine after he blinds the killer and he says something an iconic line

  7. Acea Lavigne says:

    Let him be both a killer and a survivor. Same skin, he’s such a good actor he could play both roles 😂

  8. Kaz Kaan says:

    As a child I was terrified of Nicholas Cage, no real reason… he just scared the livin’ shit out of me in elementary school. Now, a solid 17 years later that fear has become real once again

  9. Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    WTF!?!? Nic Cage is in DBD. Dude how did they pull it off get him into the game. What a time to be alive

    • gimmsnack gamer says:


    • Obi-Wan Cannoli says:

      My guess is he’ll be in the DBD movie they’re making and this is some kind of tie-in with it

    • Telli kat says:

      Nick will go into almost anything that offers him money. Dude is financially struggling. Luckily since he’s such a good actor he can get tons of work albeit questionable ones. Glad he’s in this thou

    • Silverfox410 says:

      ​@Telli kat you don’t know anything. Nic Cage does movies he wants to do and finds interesting. He isn’t struggling financially. He is just thoroughly enjoys what he does for a living.

    • Иван Ефимов says:

      maybe he offered it himself for devs

  10. Korax says:

    I salute you DBD team, this got me hyped, having him as either a survivor or a killer is just pure gold. Thank you for this!

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