Dead by Daylight | Silent Hill | Official Trailer

Dead by Daylight | Silent Hill | Official Trailer

Silent Hill is a new Chapter for Dead by Daylight. It includes a new Killer, The Executioner, and a new Survivor, Cheryl Mason.

The Silent Hill Chapter also introduces a new map, Midwich Elementary School: the childhood trauma that once took place in its halls has since manifested itself into a twisted, nightmarish design. The new Killer is The Executioner: take control of Pyramid Head and wield his great knife to unleash his twisted brand of punishment on all who cross him. The new Survivor is Cheryl Mason, a courageous, outspoken woman who survived the hellish Otherworld of Silent Hill, and exacted revenge on the Order that killed her father. With experience beyond her years, she’s prepared to once again stand against any evil that confronts her.


Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game where one player takes on the role of a brutal Killer and the other four play as Survivors. As a Killer, your goal is to sacrifice as many Survivors as possible. As a Survivor, your goal is to escape and avoid being caught and killed.


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70 Responses

  1. Mr. A-Z says:

    What impresses me tho is that how do this company got so many licensing of all this characters. Talk about the greatest crossovers.

    • Squid says:

      I’m more curious how they were able to convince Konami

    • Yaxley says:

      Konami is a greedy company with no regards to talents (like Kojima), so yeah, after an endless torrent of SH themed pachinko shit, it was time to torment the fans some more with out of context nostalgia reboots instead of continuing with Silent Hills.

    • Ariz Kamal says:

      @MsDemonic999 they are fixing the game issues as well when it comes to balancing that also they will fix but will take time probably to fix the balancing issues of the game.

    • Anonymous Fuck says:

      I could likely be the fact that contracts could be involved. Something like everything a player buy that brands licensed DLC, 30% of the profit goes to them. And considering how big the game is now compared to what it used to be, that would likely be a worthy investment.

    • Марина says:

      @Anonymous Fuck what happens after ptb is over?

  2. Zenosyne says:

    Out of all the things I guessed this new ‘iconic’ killer would be, I didn’t dare to dream it would be Pyramid Head; it wouldn’t have been too good to be true. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong.

    • ni shi shi says:

      I saw the little “hints” they dropped, like the 4 in 4th anniversary shape being similar to Pyramid Head, or the fact that they talked about a classic that shaped a new way to create horror, and I just refused to believe because it was just SO good to be true. Like no other character could’ve made me as happy so I didn’t want to get my hopes up to just be massively disappointed afterwards oh my god

  3. Kovu Lion says:

    Pyramid Head cuts its way into Dead by Daylight!!!
    Careful now, we know what that guy does to mannequins!

    • H O O D L U M says:

      1r0zz 1. In the scene I’m talking about, James literally watches the fucking pyramid head/whatever the name is hump the mannequins on the wall. It’s even said that pyramid head boi abuses the mannequins often.

      You can ask anyone who played it and they say the same thing. He fucking sexually assaults/abuses/rapes the mannequins. Just because you can’t handle the word “rape” doesn’t make what I said any less true or prove I have fantasies.

      (2. You forget the pyramid head is a reflection of James himself. Everything he regrets and feels he should be punished for. It should also be noted that mannequins are a manifestation of James sexual frustrations and urges. They represent his wife.

      (3. No shit they aren’t going to actually show pyramid Head penetrating and raping the mannequins. Yes his hip isn’t even touching or making contact but looking at the damn scene myself, you can clearly see what the fuck they are implying. Sexual abuse, fucking rape. I don’t care if you think I have rape fantasies but don’t try and come at me when I say it how it is

      Pyramid Head humps and abuses the damn mannequins frequently. Say it how you want, it’s pretty easy to understand and grasp what they doing in the scene.

    • Dhaniel says:

      @H O O D L U M correct

    • 1K Subs With No Videos Challenge says:

      Read my name

    • Deadpool Gamer86 says:

      @H O O D L U M and also his violent behaviour towards the mannequin while humping them. Pyramid head is also a reaper of the under world.

    • H O O D L U M says:

      Deadpool Gamer86 ye

  4. Hambo325 says:


  5. Wettnoodle123 says:

    I’m actually really glad it’s pyramid head I’ve loved the character from the silent hill games and I’m glad to be able to play him in a game I love

  6. Kirby PPG says:

    Can we all just take a moment to realize the time we live in. We live in a time where you can play as horror legends like Michael Myers, Freddy Kruger, Pyramid Head, and Leatherface to kill other icons like Laurie Strode, Bill Overbeck, and Ash Williams. This game may possibly be the single most important thing to happen to horror, allowing fans of established series like Stranger Things to appreciate other works like Saw. Let’s take a moment to thank Behaviour for gathering all of these intellectual properties into one great game. Say what you want about the community, bugs, and whatnot, but just ask yourself this one question: In 2016, did you really think we’d get a game like this? Happy 4 year anniversary Dead by Daylight.

  7. mya vanderlaan says:

    Where’s my man James and his pillow

    • Doramer 1122 says:

      I think of cheryl like a better protagonist than James , he is a good character but he’s game is autoconclusive he’s story starts and ends in he’s game, but Cheryl is important to the lore, to the silent hill universe, that’s why I thinko of her as better main character

  8. Rebel Hyperion says:

    I am squeeling like a Fangirl at a boyband concert rn.

  9. Weird Badger says:

    The developers are slowly turning this into Horror: The Game

  10. Coco Pebblz says:

    They actually did it, I remember playing dbd like a couple years ago and talking yo my friends saying how it would be cool if pyramid head from silent hill would be added to this game but I thought it would never happen. Here we are now and I am happy, I think I will have to start playing again.

  11. Giorno Giovanna says:

    Marvel: Endgame is the most ambitious crossover in history
    Behavior: Hold my massive knife

  12. witherbloom says:

    I really hope this is a sign of more to come with the Silent Hill franchise!

  13. Gabriela Cruz says:

    Im surprised that they didn’t add Sean Bean’s character in the game, we know he ain’t getting out

  14. Salmonella Poisoning says:

    My man was all like: 🔺

  15. cellophanezebra says:

    Never would i thought i would see Pyramid head in HD

  16. shadowboy0126 says:

    Wouldn’t it make more sense for James Sunderland to be the survivor considering Pyramid Head is his personal nightmare

    • A Frustrated Gamer says:

      Map: SH1

      Killer: SH2

      Survivor: SH3

    • trayas22 says:

      Isn’t Cheryl meant to be linked to Alyssa who is the creator of the whole darkness thing? Like Cheryl was made from Alyssa’s soul or something? Can’t remember the exact lore.

    • Zoinks Zodiak says:

      Im pretty sure Pyramid head is Alessa’s guardian and Heather/Sharon is Alessa’s good form. It’s confusing but based off the movie. So actually yeah it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for her guardian to also be her attacker

    • André Timo says:

      @WraithReaper09 nah not the movie influence, since in the movies pyramid head is actually heather (Cheryl in dbd) guardian/protector.

    • Mario Kaiba says:

      Makes more sense, yes. Makes more money…

  17. Sarblade says:

    If this is also an hint for a future game, better not have pyramid head in it.

    • Arkham says:

      True, Pyramid Head only works as a one off antagonistic force to James. It doesn’t really make sense for any other people outside of the cast in Silent Hill 2 to interact with Pyramid Head. It just feels like now he’s only scary because of “Ah! Big Monster!” In his original game, The executioner was an incredibly psychological character. ‘The Red Pyramid thing’ symbolized James’ self-hatred and anger, with his Great Knife symbolizing the guilt he felt from his wife’s death.

    • Doramer 1122 says:

      They say if they make another silent hill they are not putting pyramid head, they want to create a true monster icon for the franchise, because pyramid head don’t work with the lore

  18. Timo says:

    Do not forget what they also mentioned on stream: Like improving the game earlier by implementing the hatch, they are working on a mechanism to improve the beginning of the game. I’m really excited to see what that looks like.

  19. GM NG says:

    Trailer: omg no, the Pyramidhead is going to kill me!
    Game: lol let’s teabag him now

  20. Sophia - I love SЕХ :* TAP ON MY PIC :* says:

    Out of all the things I guessed this new ‘iconic’ killer would be, I didn’t dare to dream it would be Pyramid Head; it wouldn’t have been too good to be true. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong.

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