Dead by Daylight | Tools Of Torment | Official Trailer

Dead by Daylight | Tools Of Torment | Official Trailer

Keep your eyes to the sky.

Available March 7.

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Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer action/horror game where one player takes on the role of a brutal Killer and the other four play as Survivors. As a Killer your goal is to sacrifice as many Survivors as possible. As Survivors your goal is to work together to evade, escape, and most importantly – stay alive.      


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Music by Michel F. April

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35 Responses

  1. AZHYMOVS says:

    Seems like it will be fun. I was unsure with Trickster initially but they did a great job with him. This character seems kinda similar and I think will get a similar reaction too.

    • Angelo Alvarez says:

      @sxerwin she’s a basic attack killer with surveillance drones. So yeah pretty weak

    • Dreigonix says:

      @Shock Shplock It’s like “The Ghost Face”. Why couldn’t Ghostface have just been called “The Ghost”? Hell, they could’ve done a Deathslinger and called her The Skullmerchant.

    • Shock Shplock says:

      @Vøjo_Mojø _ Agreed. The name “Skull Merchant” also kinda irks me. Like say someone is reciting killer names, we have Trapper, Wraith, Nurse, Clown, Knight and then suddenly “SKULL MERCHANT” comes out of nowhere. Makes no sense within the aesthetic they were going for and is way too long winded.

    • Stratos says:

      @Dreigonix as a Pig main I would very much appreciate some buffs to those killers, but honestly it’s BHVR we’re talking about, they either buff something so much that it becomes unbeatable/meta or nerf something to a state that it’s completely unusable, there’s no middle ground with them

    • FinestFantasyVI says:

      @Buraaq Wasti We Trickster mains are many, we are legion. Dont compare us to Twins with them 3 twin mains

  2. Ireland Rosa says:

    I like the idea of having siblings as new survivors. I’m hoping they add the mechanic of their perks bouncing off/boosting each other (just between these 2 only since they’re together) so it forces players to cooperate more. They’d have to fix some killer’s perks to make everything more balanced but still

    Edit: had to be more specific because of some of the replies

    • The Golden Boo says:

      I too want the siblings to bounce on each other.

      Sorry I phrased that so poorly.

    • j1rnix says:

      @ever dbd is not entirely skill based, dbd games often depends on perks, maps, killer addons, items, efficiency etc. Both sides complain, one side gets nerfed, the other side complains, other side gets nerfed and the other side complains, it’s a cycle

    • ever says:

      There’s tons of those perks already but we keep making excuses on a skill issue

    • j1rnix says:

      @Venice Taylor I think it’s very reasonable to change the perks as they nerfed eruption to oblivion then add this. If one side gets nerfed both have to to establish balance

    • Venice Taylor says:

      @j1rnix are they wrong though?

  3. BamboozleBTW says:

    Definitely not what was expected as a killer but 2 original survivors that are also siblings is pretty cool, hopefully if we ever do get a terminator crossover then they’ll most likely be legendary skins for these guys

  4. Alaina Washington says:

    My prediction for siblings as survivors came true but I was hoping for a more different outcome for the killer. Hopefully we’ll get a killer/survivor sibling story

    • ever says:

      @Ricky Dicky Doo Daa Grimes They all fall into the same story line despite having different directors. Rob Zombie deliberately altered the story some.

    • Ricky Dicky Doo Daa Grimes says:

      @ever does Halloween 4 count even though it was directed by a different director?

    • ever says:

      @Ricky Dicky Doo Daa Grimes Laurie and Michael are only related in Rob Zombie’s version of Halloween. DBD is going off the original, they are not related. Laurie is just the sole-survivor that Michael can’t catch

    • 死Deathblade says:

      @Ricky Dicky Doo Daa Grimes yee but not licensed ofc. That’d be cool

    • Ricky Dicky Doo Daa Grimes says:

      Yeah maybe we’ll get another brother sister chapter like myers and laurie

  5. MirrorFox says:

    The survivors look interesting I can’t wait to learn their perks

  6. Stefano Gaming says:

    I personally don’t understand why everyone is hating on this killer, I absolutly love it. She is basically the closest thing we will probably ever get to the Predator. I know her design and mori is kinda simple and what not, but I genuinely love it and the power too.

  7. Retro Oni says:

    Design-wise, nice to see them going for varied in their design philosophy, however they must realise that it’s abit too different too soon. Lots of fans loove to see and get creeped out by the monstrous designs, and clearly they tried to dehumanised her with the visual of a mask, which kinda works…but not enough sadly (in my opinion which obvs can go in the bin when proven wrong)

  8. Lethal_Flo says:

    I really like the more sci-fi design of the killer. She looks like she’s from a c grade science fiction horror movie, but I actually genuinely like that. I hope that’s a new map in the trailer too

    • The Savage says:

      @JonteNitak  Knight is intimidating

    • Lethal_Flo says:

      @NitaK A few killers who deviate from the usual aesthetic isn’t gonna kill the game man. The rest of the killers are still your definition of horror… but, I respect your opinion. Honestly I would have preferred an alien collab if they were going for a sci fi route but it’s whatever for me. Springtrap would be cool too

    • LordRazer3 says:

      @NitaK You think that now but need I remind you that information is king in just about everything. She doesn’t need any perks for finding people and can pretty much keep track of 5 gens at once. Yes she’s simple but once people start to master her. I can see people dreading seeing her. Questioning if this a normal killer or someone I have no chance at winning against?

    • NitaK says:

      @The Savage His not 😂

    • The Savage says:

      @NitaK nemesis is pretty scary

  9. te says:

    damn, love the trailer. great sound design and awesome animation as always. really hyped for playing all the new characters! (and i don’t understand that so many people are upset about the killer design. i personally really like it)

  10. Plague Doctor Morphious says:

    And here I was hoping for an actual mechanized killer that wasn’t a human. They dropped the ball on this one.

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