Deadpool and Korg React

Deadpool and Korg React

Two members of the MCYouTube react to the upcoming film #FreeGuy featuring Ryan Reynolds and Taika Waititi.

Free Guy. In theaters and definitely NOT streaming on August 13th.

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36 Responses

  1. #StruggleNation says:

    Welp, now we need a Deadpool reaction channel

  2. Blake Grigsby says:

    Well… someone is a genius at creating branded content.

  3. Michael Jae says:

    I wish I was raised by avocados 🥑🥑🥑🥑

  4. ꧁༒Charlest༒꧂ says:

    They missed a good chance of them playing Rock, Papper, Scissors.

  5. jkwatcher47 says:

    “Canadian Cumberbatch”

    I laughed very very out loud

  6. Not Just JET says:

    Marketing team: how meta can we get?
    Ryan Reynolds: Yes.

  7. Swagg Dogz says:

    We need a Deadpool reacts channel now anyone who disagrees is wrong.

  8. Scott Riley Adrueno says:

    At this point Deadpool is just playing as Ryan Reynolds. Sometimes.

  9. Cartoon Comedy Channel says:

    Mickey: his movies are not going to be a on Disney+ because the movie is rated R.
    Woody: i do agree with you.

  10. EpicDonutDude says:

    Korg was a rock solid guest!

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