Dean Ambrose tries to steal Seth Rollins’ spotlight: Raw, Jan. 28, 2019

Dean Ambrose tries to steal Seth Rollins’ spotlight: Raw, Jan. 28, 2019

As Triple H congratulates The Architect on his victory in the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match, the self-proclaimed “Moral Compass of WWE” confronts his former Shield brother.


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66 Responses

  1. HardHustle says:

    “What’s the matter? Do you have to ask permission from your father-in-law first?” Dean Ambrose is hilarious! ????????

  2. keepingitrealawesome says:

    I’m glad Seth won but R Truth was robbed of his spot an should at least be given a title shot

  3. MVP SGTV says:

    Think about it…Triple H and Seth are good guys, while Dean is supposed to be a heel. But a few years ago, Triple H and Seth were bad guys while Dean was a face.

    • A.N.T. Hydro says:

      Triple h is not a babyface

    • leonid Ivanov says:

      God i miss the authority days and i miss heel Rollins even more!!

    • anonymous with facts says:

      WWE has done injustice to ambrose and his fan’s, although i love seth too but, dean was more worthy of winning the r rumble, he should quit for good, they made him gain some weight and return with a new look yet all those just to become a jobber soon, nia jax just put hands, on him he was pinned clean by seth on monday night, im really not happy how they are ruining ambrose, AWE is there waiting for him ? you suck @WWE

    • leonid Ivanov says:

      +anonymous with facts how many times have dean pinned Rollins in the past two months ?and you’re pissed off because seth pinned him once ?

    • addme_twitter says:

      bruh im waiting for authority to come back

  4. Hunter G says:

    When dean started arguing with Triple H, it reminded me of CM Punk

  5. Rahul Khanna says:

    They are just ruining Ambrose carrer with this and giving so much push to

  6. strikeslifer says:

    Talk about the brother you stabbed in the back on the same night your other brother told the world he was fighting leukemia again God dang I did not expect that well played Triple H

  7. NUMBA FOE says:

    Dean gangsta asf on the mic

  8. Sohaib Dragon says:

    “Oh what’s wrong do you need permission from your father in law first”

  9. Patrick Slater says:

    Do you have to ask permission from your father in law first ??

  10. Shahbaz Rajput says:

    Dean ambrose is a great Heel if wwe booked him properly… Dean Ambrose vs Triple H at WrestleMania 35 is going to be an amazing match while Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 35 sound’s great

  11. Jeremy Peralta says:

    Wrestlemania 32: Triple H vs Roman Reigns
    Wrestlemania 33: Triple H vs Seth Rollins
    Wrestlemania 35: Triple H vs Dean Ambrose

  12. Viraj Dhadge says:

    I was wondering if nia jax could win royal rumble and fight against brock lesnar at wrestlemania

  13. Arewa Media TV says:

    Funny fact
    Last year
    Two Japanese won the rumble
    This year
    The man and the man won the rumble

  14. am hr says:

    Finally dean ambrose seem like his not reading a script with his promo, just let him talk

    • Daylin Jamal Cannon says:

      That’s because after April (WrestleMania) he’ll be taking time off because he’s not happy with the creative team trying to give him a lane for him being a heel. The guy is a natural heel (antihero) but they aren’t doing anything special. They haven’t done anything with him since he lost the WWE title. He’s leaving, training more, and taking time off to deal with issues at the company.

    • Amyourdaddy 1 says:

      That’s because dean is telling the truth here

    • edub863 says:

      +Daylin Jamal Cannon he’s not taking time off he’s leaving

    • Lucifer Morningstar says:

      +Daylin Jamal Cannon Also, Anti-Hero and Heel are two different things.There is a fine line there. Heel is a villain who would do anything to win, no matter how dirty. Anti-Hero is a hero, who has no heroic attributes, but still is the heroic figure in that storyline. Anti-Heroes are people who don’t care what others think, they just do what they want. But most of their activities tread towards the heroic side of the story. E.g. Frank Castle The Punisher, kills like a monster, doesn’t care, but still a hero when you consider his intentions. Wolverine,Deadpool, Green Arrow, SCSA, maybe even Becky Lynch. People have always loved anti-heroes, but they surely are not villains.

    • Daylin Jamal Cannon says:

      +Lucifer Morningstar I know the difference. I typed that blindly. I meant that Ambrose has been both and has been good as both. He seemed more anti in 2014 and 2015 but by 2016 they gave him the comedy shtick

  15. TheZahrGaming 123 says:

    Why not have aj win the championship on smackdown, and we have AJ Styles vs Seth Rollins at wrestlemania

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      That match is gonna happen in the upcoming WrestleMania (s). and Styles was supposed to win the title at RR, but creatives changed the plan because Seth v Brock feud was the plan ever since Roman announced.

  16. Lincoln Jacdonmi says:

    DEAN IS RIGHT! Seth is a basic whiny babyface.

  17. Gyan Singh says:

    Triple H look like a God of war like if u agree ??

  18. Technical Wrestle says:

    Triple H Vs Dean Ambrose Wrestlemania 35

  19. ATiK GREEN says:

    Waiting For Roman Reigns???☺☺

  20. BulletClubV2 says:

    Damn it WWE! Dean Ambrose is going to quit this company after Wrestlemania and this is a fact. He is not willing to extend his contract due to lack of respect from the booking team. Go elsewhere, John Moxley, you’re SO MUCH BETTER! don’t ruin your career with these hypocritical bastards

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