Dean Ambrose wonders why Seth Rollins didn’t have his back: Raw, Feb. 18, 2019

Dean Ambrose wonders why Seth Rollins didn’t have his back: Raw, Feb. 18, 2019

Despite their tumultuous history, The Lunatic Fringe ponders why The Architect didn’t come to his aid during his match against Drew McIntyre.
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62 Responses

  1. Chaos Mania says:

    Seth:Well, wazzup Ambrose
    Ambrose:Nothing, I’m crazy.?

  2. Sheikh Razin says:

    How many of you like seth rollings and dean ambrose together then like

  3. Aditya Fauzdar says:

    I want them to be together again

  4. Pro FortniteGamer says:

    I can’t believe wwe is stupid enough to let someone who doesn’t even care about the show be a champion I mean he only wrestles like 3 times a year

  5. Rathod Viraj says:

    Dean Ambrose is best superstar in wwe

  6. One Dake Vlog says:


  7. Barry Michael says:

    Dean Ambrose will help Seth Rollins i know it

  8. Baap OF All says:

    Seth Rollins VS Brock Lesner

  9. Dean Ambrose says:

    Dean’s reaction > Seth’s career

  10. THE VISHNU'S WORLD says:

    ? THE SHIELD is BACK but 1 MEMBER is missing ROMAN REIGNS ?

  11. umer farooq says:

    The shield is gonna reunite
    Believe that ??

  12. Xùñzü Tiktok tutorial says:

    Ambrose needed the shield.. Who want to see the shield..

  13. AMAAN KHAN says:

    Dean is in his best form and they are not even pushing him

    • John Stockton says:

      Why push a guy who wont be with the company after WrestleMania?

    • BidOOF says:

      Dean doesn’t have any creative control over his character and he goes out there and does a bunch of things he doesn’t like.

    • AMAAN KHAN says:

      +John Stockton cuz he deserves it and wwe know that if he gets a push then he won’t leave.

    • RaTeD_RMN says:

      +Hafiz Syed Noman Ali It’s to do with his character not being champion. He’s not happy how his character is written in a PG atmosphere so makes sense for him to leave so he can play the character he prefers to play with no limits elsewhere.

  14. Tony Stark says:

    Like the comment if you want to see Rollins Slay the beast at wrestlemania

  15. Somalian kidoh says:

    If u watched this more than once like ❤️ ?

  16. Cricket Lovers !!! says:

    Dean now your that facial expression is going to be used by meme making community. Be ready.

  17. Haikal Syazwan says:

    Everybody.. stop talking about the shield reunite on wrestlermania!! Because Roman reigns doesn’t return to wwe because of leukemia!! And wwe is not confirm that dean Ambrose is gonna help Seth Rollins to wins the universal title match.

    I guess WWE will confirm about dean is gonna help Seth Rollins ( I’m not sure )

    • Aman deep 【INDIAN】 says:

      Are you the ceo of wwe ? How can you say all these nonsense

    • Kieran Davidson says:

      Haikal Syazwan It’s just a lot of conspiracy about it, it could happen it could not but there could be secret works about dean staying for him and Rollins to become tag team partners until roman is cleared to officially come back to wwe

    • aaron borglum says:

      +Aman deep 【INDIAN】 leukemia doesn’t get cured in 5 months

  18. dean aleem says:

    I lmiss you roman
    I love you dean
    I like you seth
    Who are shield fan
    Like me

  19. Shivaji Fad says:

    I think Ambrose is thinking that I have to come back

  20. Hunter Carvalho says:

    1:41 forgot to lock the front door

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